What happened to Simon Cowell’s face? Why does Simon look different?

Simon Phillip Cowell, born October 7, 1959, is an English television personality, entrepreneur, and record executive.

Along with his blinding teeth makeover, which can be seen in the video below, the 63-year-old has been sporting a dramatically different look in recent months, frequently making headlines with his fresh-faced appearances. 

Simon Cowell‘s appearance has been a topic of discussion since he debuted a bright white smile with plump cheeks in 2018. After being criticized for his new look, the “America’s Got Talent” judge admitted he had gone too far with facial enhancements and would discontinue Botox and fillers.

“There was a point where I may have gone a little too far,” he admitted in an interview in April 2022. “I saw a picture of me and didn’t recognize it as me.”

Scroll down to read about Cowell’s transformation over the years.

What happened to Simon Cowell’s face?

Simon Cowell sparked outrage with a recent photo of an overfilled face, implying other potential plastic surgeries he has had throughout his career. Simon has previously denied having a facelift but has expressed regret over his extensive use of Botox.

Simon said, “I think it’s hysterical. I mean, it just makes me laugh. I haven’t had a facelift or anything,” he told the publication. “I’ve had a bit of Botox or whatever, but nothing drastic. So, when I hear about this stuff, it does make me laugh”.

What happened to Simon Cowell's face
Simon Cowell

At some point, he had complications with upper eyelid surgery, and this has resulted in scarring of the lateral part of each eyelid. Eyelids are incredibly delicate, and scarring, once it occurs, can be extremely difficult to fix.

Scar tissue is visible, particularly in his left temple. He has always had ptotic, or low, upper lids, also known as “bedroom eyes.” 

This may have worsened with age, obstructing vision and necessitating initial eyelid surgery for correction. He enjoyed having Botox injections to tighten his skin and remove wrinkles. He claims he stopped using it after his 8-year-old laughed at his appearance.

Simon, on the other hand, has denied undergoing surgery to achieve his new appearance.

“You were already attractive before you had cosmetic surgery, botox injections, and other procedures to enhance your looks. I think it’s quite sad to see someone with your success and status doing this to themselves, one commented on social media. A second said: “Simon Cowell looks like a hologram.”

Simon’s new appearance could be down to him leading a healthier lifestyle after a visit to his doctor made him realize he had to change his habits.

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