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Naz’s Latest Statement in the Fiji Vlog Concerns Fans about her Dealing with Emotions

Naz can be seen saying that she is “too old to cry” in her latest Fiji vlog. This statement has raised concerns among fans about her.

Naz is too young to think about crying in such a way. She might think that way because her sister Sabre can be seen often crying, which curated criticism.

A 13-year-old who thinks that she is ‘too old to cry’ shows what impact social media has on people’s perceptions and their mental and emotional health.

Naz’s comment about being “too old to cry” gives a glimpse of a conflict that she might be going through; that’s the reason she might think that showing emotions would not be acceptable as she’ll be showing her vulnerability as well.

The age of 13 is a delicate one to be in. At the very beginning of adolescence, she would be facing the challenges of societal expectations, which might dominate her behavior, attitude, and composure.

However, these expectations fail to accept the universal truth of human emotions. It is important to process emotions to be healthy.

Observing Sabre’s Experience

Sabre’s constant portrayal of emotions and not shying away from crying have led to a lot of scrutiny. She has been scrutinized by her audience for crying.

Sabre walks on a different path than traditional society when it comes to expressing emotions and vulnerabilities. This has contributed to her criticism.

The comments are filled with criticism and negativity whenever Sabre shows a vulnerable side. This can be the reason Naz is reluctant to cry. She might have the fear of facing a similar backlash as Sabre.

Naz Norris
Naz Norris

The criticism and scrutiny have a significant impact on people on social media. These criticisms lead to low self-esteem and affect mental well-being.

While Sabre never steps back from showing her vulnerability to the world despite criticism, this might be the reason Naz keeps her emotions to herself and thinks she is ‘too old to cry’ as she might think showing vulnerability means weakness. 

Challenging Self-Imposed Expectations

It’s significant to perceive that Naz’s conviction about being “too old to cry” is self-analyzed and established in societal tensions as opposed to any genuine truth.

Crying is a characteristic and sound method for delivering repressed feelings, no matter what one’s age or gender is. By following societal assumptions, Naz may be denying herself the chance to handle her emotions soundly.

It is important to remove the destructive notion that emotions should be suppressed or kept at bay. Regardless of age or gender, everyone deserves a space where they can truly communicate their thoughts and not judge.

Empowering Naz to acknowledge her emotions, and offering real support, can help her balance the pessimistic influence of social media and connect positively with her emotions.

Promoting Self-Compassion

Naz’s belief that she is “too old to cry” reflects a broader theme of self-compassion and self-acceptance. To see a young woman internalize such destructive beliefs about herself is heartbreaking.

By promoting messages of love and acceptance, we can help Naz and others like her recognize their inherent value and reject the social pressures that undermine their psychological well-being.

Reframing Perspectives

Rather than viewing vulnerability as a weakness, we should celebrate it as a strength. Embracing our emotions and allowing ourselves to cry when needed is an act of courage, not cowardice.

By reframing the narrative surrounding emotional expression, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate society where individuals feel empowered to be their authentic selves.

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