PeepsWiz Editorial Policy

If you’ve stumbled upon it on PeepsWiz, rest assured, it’s the real deal! We have seen it all in this age of digital rumors: stories that cause controversy, debates, and even big-name attention before their veracity is confirmed.

We are on a mission to dispel the myths and correct the record as one of the web’s most popular hubs. We aim to deliver stories that are 100% true, without any ifs, ands, or buts, with journalistic standards as strong as a rock.

These fundamental values are the driving force behind every idea, creation, and communication of content on PeepsWiz.

1. Accuracy and Fact-Checking

Every story that we publish at PeepsWiz is based on accurate information. In order to verify the accuracy of the information gathered for every publication, our writers and editors look into rumors and claims.

We check with reliable, knowledgeable sources to make sure we are giving the right background information and context. Throughout the editing process, our work is meticulously assessed for timeliness, accuracy, and relevance.

2. Fairness and Objectivity

Maintaining the highest standards of editorial integrity is a priority for PeepsWiz. We firmly think that journalists should not be unduly restricted by legislation or regulation and that everyone has the right to free speech.

We have a rich history of reporting news in a distinctive tone and style that is distinctly and immediately identifiable as our own. We want everything we produce to be lighthearted, brave, and honest, and we are proud of that.

3. Transparency

In order to give readers a clear understanding of where our content originates, attributes sources in an open and transparent manner. In order to uphold accountability and transparency, we reveal our sources. staff and contributors maintain a high level of honesty and transparency, disclosing any potential conflicts of interest.

In the unlikely event that we need to add new information to a story, precise time stamps will notify you when we do. We will be upfront about the reasons behind any significant changes we have to make to a story in the event that new information becomes available, and we will provide an explanation in a note that is dated and clearly labeled.

4. Editorial Independence

We make sure our editorial team doesn’t get influenced by outside pressures. We never pay for stories or tips. As we believe that doing so could interfere with the impartiality of our coverage. For the same reason, we do not take cash payments in return for product coverage.

It is against the rules for our writers and editors to give any outside resource (company, publication, video, affiliate, website) preferential treatment because of their affiliation with the author(s) or owner(s) of that resource. There are high expectations for honesty and transparency for every employee and contributor.

Our goal is to provide content that is original, unbiased, and credible. We make sure our writers comply with all the relevant regulations, norms, and journalistic standards.

5. Corrections and Updates

Our editorial teams work hard to maintain the timeliness, accuracy, and relevance of our extensive collection of “evergreen” stories by updating them. Every article has a date-stamped version that indicates when it was most recently updated. We assure you that any errors found in our publications will be promptly corrected in accordance with the Correction Policy. We make sure that any mistakes are fixed in later releases, online updates, or other suitable channels.

The significance of meticulous fact-checking and verification procedures prior to publication is emphasized by our handling of inaccuracies approach. We believe that transparency in updates is crucial, and we work hard to notify our audience of any changes or updates made to previously published content.

6. Privacy and Ethics

Here at PeepsWiz, we revere a few core values. Unless there is a compelling story behind it, we will not publish a picture of a celebrity’s child that was taken against their parents’ wishes. We respect everyone’s right to privacy, so we will not reveal someone is pregnancy or health problems against their wishes, nor will we divulge any personally identifiable information that could reveal the address of a well-known person’s house. We constantly work to have frank conversations and provide our subjects with a platform to share their stories.

We work hard to create a welcoming, safe, and judgment-free environment for content consumption. We have strict guidelines for the language we use when discussing issues related to race, mental and physical health, including body image, sexual orientation, gender identity, and family dynamics.

7. Community Guidelines

We anticipate that you will engage with others in discussions with good intentions and give them the benefit of the doubt. We kindly request that you give our work and the writers who created it the same consideration. We expect you to be community stewards and to follow the moderation guidelines listed below.

Please flag any comments you believe to be against the moderation policy, and we will investigate them. Upvote and let the person know you think they made a really good point if you agree.

Expectations for polite conversation and relevance in user-generated content are outlined in the Standards for Comments and Contributions. By enforcing community standards and taking prompt, decisive action against infractions, we make sure that our platforms continue to be favorable for meaningful discussion and idea sharing.

8. Copyright and Attribution

We respect intellectual property rights and acquire proper authorization for the use of copyrighted material. We abide by, accurately and openly crediting the original authors and sources of third-party content. We use care while utilizing third-party content, making sure it is appropriate, accurate, and compliant with ethical and copyright regulations.

9. Sources

Strict guidelines regarding sourcing are followed by our editors and writers for every article. In any developing situation, we strive to be open about the source of information, and all facts and claims are supported by a minimum of one reliable source.

For the facts of the case, we consult court documents, the district public information officer, and in-person interviews with law enforcement personnel when covering crimes or large-scale disasters where first responders and law enforcement are dispatched to the scene. For every defendant or anyone we profile for our coverage, we always try to get in touch with their attorney.

10. Content Selection Criteria

We carefully choose stories based on their relevance, importance, and appeal to our audience. Our content should reflect our values and mission, so we try to cover subjects that are important and that our readers can relate to.

We match our coverage to the interests of our audience and our mission, and we make adjustments to our content to reflect both their preferences and the values of our organization.

By focusing on what matters most, we ensure that our resources are used efficiently to produce content that upholds journalistic integrity while meeting audience standards and demands.

11. Feedback and Contact Information values audience feedback and encourages readers to share their thoughts. For corrections, updates, or inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]. We are committed to engaging with our audience and addressing their concerns to continuously improve our content.