Ownership and Funding Information

Launched in September 9, 2023, PeepsWiz is an entertainment website owned by renowned author and content writer Carol Cassada. PeepsWiz has operated autonomously since its founding, establishing itself as a self-sustaining and self-funded organization.

The website aims to grow and develop using the money it earns from operations. This is evidence of its dedication to organic growth.

Funding Philosophy

PeepsWiz is proud to be fully self-funded and avoids taking on outside funding or investments. PeepsWiz is proudly sailing the seas of independence, steering clear of the sirens’ call for external funding.

We can preserve our creative vision by using this strategy, which gives us complete control and discretion over how we create our content.

We have made the conscious decision to put earnings back into the company, allocating funds to improving user experience, growing our content library, and introducing new technology.

Editorial Independence

We at PeepsWiz adhere to the strictest guidelines for objectivity and editorial integrity. We carefully choose all of our content, and it is devoid of prejudice or outside influence.

PeepsWiz’s content is a fortress, a bastion of truth and objectivity. No cloak-and-dagger dealings here, just pure, unadulterated entertainment served on a silver platter. No governmental, corporate, or intergalactic interference—just good ol’ authentic stories and information.

Ownership Structure

Carol Cassada, the platform’s creator and visionary, is the private owner of PeepsWiz. Carol is in charge of the website’s strategic direction and creative initiatives. She has a strong love of entertainment and a strong commitment to providing interesting content. Her leadership and expertise guide the site’s growth, ensuring that PeepsWiz remains at the forefront of delivering compelling entertainment-related content.

And there you have it, dear reader! PeepsWiz, the phoenix rising from the digital ashes, sustaining itself, steering its own course through the tempestuous seas of entertainment. Join us as we unravel the mysteries, celebrate the joys, and embark on this enchanting adventure together—because at PeepsWiz, the show must go on!