Lucas Sparks K-pop Frenzy with Solo Debut Tease After Two-Year Hiatus

Lucas, the mysterious K-pop idol, is back and better than ever! This former NCT and WayV sensation teases fans with rumors of a solo debut that is expected to rock the music industry to its foundation after spending the last two years in the background.

Lucas has ignited a flurry of anticipation among his loyal fans with everything from mysterious appearances at SM Entertainment events to cryptic social media posts.

With a career trajectory as dynamic as his dance moves, this talented Hong Kong native is ready to take back the top spot on the charts. But will his return flow as naturally as his clever rhymes? 

After a two-year hiatus, Lucas, the former member of WayV and NCT, returns to Instagram with indications that he may make his solo debut.

Lucas has been away from the platform since 2022. Based on his modest appearance at SM TOWN live and the fans finding out about his official SM Entertainment-affiliated Twitter account, Lucas appears to be preparing for a solo comeback.

On February 23, Lucas, a former member of NCT, WayV, and SuperM who had not been active since 2022, posted a picture to his personal Instagram account, thrilling his fans. His use of the username “@lucas_official” to tag another account captivated the attention of the fans.

With the username “@Lucas2060553,” which was later changed to “@Lucas_official,” followers of the account discovered an X (previously Twitter) account.

There was a verification check, and it seemed to be related to SM Entertainment. Having membership in official organizations is now an alternative method of social media verification, particularly in light of the modifications made to X’s (previously Twitter) verification procedure.


Excited about his comeback, Lucas was spotted at several SM Entertainment artist events, such as NCT Ten’s solo debut and SHINee member Key’s concert, where the idol gave him a shout-out.

The rumors among fans that Lucas is getting ready for a solo debut—a significant return following a two-year hiatus—have been fueled by these shows in addition to the subtle social media hints.

Even as fans wait impatiently for official announcements, all the signs seem to indicate that Lucas is primed for an amazing return to the limelight.

Born on January 25, 1999, Wong Yuk Hei (also known as Lucas) is a gifted man from Hong Kong. Lucas rose to fame under SM Entertainment as a rapper, singer, and model while participating in NCT, WayV, and SuperM. His journey began in 2015 when he was selected in Hong Kong during SM Entertainment’s Global Audition.

In 2017 Lucas made his debut with the SM Rookies. In 2018, he became a member of NCT. His work on songs like Boss, Yesterday, and Black on Black, as well as on subunits like NCT U and NCT 2018, demonstrated his versatility. He was welcomed by NCT’s WayV unit in China in 2019 and contributed to their debut album, The Vision.

Lucas was also a part of the K-pop supergroup SuperM in 2019. After taking part in beneficial group activities, he decided to go solo and made his runway debut at Seoul Fashion Week in 2018.

Lucas faced difficulties and had to take a long break as a result of an alleged gaslighting and cheating scandal in 2022.

Lucas started a new chapter in 2023, leaving WayV and NCT to pursue a solo career, in spite of the controversies. Because of his active participation through a personal Bubble channel, his fans eagerly await his solo endeavors.

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