Kayla Nicole Begins Her Journey to Self-Rediscovery After the Heartbreak

After breaking up with Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Kayla Nicole is down for a new relationship. Kayla Nicole is an influencer who is popularly known for her past relationship with Travis.

Travis has moved on in life with Taylor Swift, but fans are curious about Kayla’s relationship situation. Her personal life and relationship status have become the center of discussions among fans.

So, what’s her relationship status? Did she find love in this season of love or is she still looking for her perfect match? Let’s get into the article to know what’s up with Kayla Nicole’s love life.

From Red Carpets to Social Media Beginnings

Travis and Kayla started dating around 2017. Their relationship was the best and they never shied away from showing their love in public. Back in the day, Travi even acknowledged Kayla as “the absolute best.” Their relationship lasted for about five years.

Kayla completed her education at Pepperdine University and graduated to become a professional athlete interviewer. She got acquainted with Travis through social media.

They never hid behind the camera and made their unhinged red carpet-appearances frequently.

Their bond was strong and they were even seen together during their workout routine. Kayla was even best friends with Travis’ sister-in-law, Brittany.

Who is Kayla Nicole dating now?

Kayla Nicole is not dating anyone now. After her breakup with Travis Kelce in 2022, she didn’t share any details about getting into a new relationship. Kayla and Travis’ breakup was big news spread all across the internet.

The breakup came with a rumor that the cause of their breakup was financial issues. Later, Travis clarified that the rumors were not even close to the truth. Both Kayla and Travis have moved on with their lives, leaving behind their on-and-off relationship.

Who is Kayla Nicole dating now
Kayla Nicole

Kayla reveals her recent desire for dating. She talks about evolving in her dating life by moving past athletes. On the Behind the Lakes podcast, Kayla talks about her preferences and whom she’d like to date now.

She talks about getting involved with someone who holds power and is in a higher position, like executives in the entertainment industry. Her revelation clearly indicates that she wants to explore her dating life and look for connections beyond athletics. 

Desire for Shared Enjoyment

Kayla articulated a desire for a relationship where she can authentically enjoy sporting events without the added pressure of dating an athlete.

Moving away from the experience of attending games as a partner of a sports figure, she seeks a more relaxed dynamic where she can engage with sports on her terms. This shift reflects Kayla’s desire for a relationship founded on mutual enjoyment rather than external obligations.

Even though Kayla has declared her decision not to date another athlete as of now, her social media actions speak differently.

Kayla’s social media activity started the speculation that she admires Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. Her fans are teasing her and her decision to get past athletes but Kayla’s response has hinted at her decision to find someone who is not an athlete.

This decision shows that she is going to break the previous relationship patterns and look out for herself. Her choices and decision to prioritize herself show her determination for self-care and growth.

Insights into the Kelce Breakup

Kayla had to go through mental health challenges after breaking up with Travis Kelce. She opens up about her struggles with sleep, facing emotional turmoil, and reflecting on a significant weight loss. She spoke about the importance of prioritizing mental health above all else.

Kayla’s emotional and mental struggles show that relationships can have a huge impact on ourselves. Relationships come with complexities and a lot of responsibilities but never forget to look after yourself, among others.

Travis Kelce’s New Romance

Kayla’s relationship status is completely different from Travis Kelce’s. Travis Kelce has found love in Taylor Swift, the popular pop sensation.

The couple is winning hearts over the internet and has become fan favorites. They have garnered all the attention and are the talk of the town. People are considering them as a power couple.

Travis started his new journey with Taylor Swift, making his love life bloom once again. Kayla Nicole has put her health first and has focused on self-care, growth, and self-discovery.

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