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Lana Del Rey’s Broken Arm, Did Taylor Swift’s Box Cause the Chaos?

Fans of Lana Del Rey were taken aback and perplexed when they witnessed the normally modest and respectful star being “trampled on” by Taylor Swift’s box at the Super Bowl.

Rumors have been circulating about Lana Del Rey breaking her arm, based on pictures that have been shared of her. However, since Lana has not posted to her Instagram in more than a week, we know that the picture was not taken recently. 

Actually, the picture dates back more than three years. Del Rey revealed that she fell while skating in 2020 and broke her arm. 

As a matter of fact, the incident occurred just before she was scheduled to film a music video for the song “White Dress,” in which she is seen wearing the sling.

The celebrity used Instagram to share a picture of her slung arm and caution fans not to judge a book by its cover art for her new song.

Del Rey also shared pictures of her engagement ring, her record collection, a couple of her engagement photos with Clayton Johnson, and a picture of herself opening a book of Norman Rockwell magazine covers. 

She also gave fans the assurance that they did not need to worry about her, even though she gave no more details about what to expect in the video.

The 38-year-old was among a number of celebrities celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory when she was pushed to the ground by a jubilant fan and was last seen vanishing beneath the group and out of sight.

Just moments before, the “Born to Die” singer had been spotted pleading to be allowed into the box before being “allowed” to watch the game with her friends in the opulent suite.

Lana Del Rey Broken Arm
Lana Del Rey

Celebrities like Blake Lively and Ice Spice were present in Swift’s exclusive Super Bowl circle to celebrate her partner Travis Kelce’s victory over the San Francisco 49ers. 

Rey’s Unplanned Adventures

Del Rey appeared to be in difficulty as she was escorted onto the podium during Swift’s historic Album of the Year win at the Grammy Awards earlier this month.

While Swifties were concerned that “everyone will blame this on Taylor,” Del Rey fans gushed over both of the adorable moments, referring to her as “our clumsy introvert bestie.”

Fans who were paying attention also saw how singer Ice Spice clung to her handbag while Del Rey sank beneath the Super Bowl festivities.

Lana’s songs are renowned for their cinematic feel and their exploration of tragic romance, glitz, and melancholy. Pop culture from the 1950s to the 1970s and modern pop culture are frequently referenced in them.

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