Ava and Sonny Deal with Complex Feelings Amidst Shared Secrets

In the latest General Hospital spoilers, Ava and Sonny find themselves entangled in a web of secrets and desires as they navigate their complicated relationship.

With Ava seeking solace in Sonny’s home and Sonny grappling with the fallout of his failed marriage, the two are drawn closer together in unexpected ways.

Ava’s Dilemma

General Hospital spoilers indicate For over a month, Ava has been living at Sonny’s place, and there are no indications that she will feel secure enough to go back to her own house anytime soon.

While she is appreciative that Sonny has welcomed her into his home, she also knows that if she betrays his trust, their relationship could end abruptly.

She has therefore been reluctant to assist Nina in any way, whether it be by providing updates on Sonny’s situation or by facilitating her communication with him. Sonny’s personal matters are beyond her prying eyes. Well, unless he extends an invitation to her.

Sonny knew as soon as Ava entered the penthouse that she was eager to find out what transpired between him and Nina after she left them at the gallery.

When Ava joins the group, will Sonny come to regret having put his trust in her? She could wait for Nina to tell her all the graphic details, of course, but where would the fun lie in that? putting her on the spot, letting her know that he felt comfortable sharing his failing marriage with her, and being honest with her.

Ava and Sonny
Ava and Sonny

A new degree of closeness between Sonny and Ava was made possible by his opening. Now that co-parenting is over, these two may become romantically involved.

One of Sonny’s biggest moves was letting Ava go with him to his meeting with Selina. That being said, she made some good points.

The Future of Their Relationship

Given her status as the sister of the deceased Olivia, Ava could effortlessly assume the role of the heir apparent to the Jerome family mafia.

Given that she is involved in the same industry as Sonny, it would make sense that she would be at his side. She will be aching to be more the more Sonny permits it, but neither of them realizes it.

Knowing that he can trust Ava will go a long way in solidifying their friendship as something more, especially since Sonny has recently lost faith in many of the people in his life.

Ava and Sonny will be fighting off an attraction to one another by the time they talk about his marriage failing and his final chat with Nina.

Though Ava may experience guilt for betraying her best friend, she refuses to allow that to stop her from pursuing her desire for the man, even though he is the last man she will ever see herself with.

Sonny will feel the same way about her, but he has a reputation for never turning a woman down when she is in need. But how much farther can their flirtation go?

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