Billy Ray Cyrus’s Opinion of Miley’s Former Partner, Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus was Billy Ray Cyrus’s little child before she was lighting stages on fire and swinging on wrecking balls, and oh, how the world loved their relationship!

However, it appears that even dear old dad had some thoughts about Miley’s romantic journey with actor Liam Hemsworth!

Daddy’s Cupid Quest for Miley

Billy Ray didn’t curl up with a box of tissues when the pop sensation and the Aussie heartthrob called it quits (play the melancholy music). No, he had a task to fulfill!

The information that Papa Cyrus was acting as Cupid and trying to set Miley up with an older, wiser person was leaked to OK! magazine by insiders. Is Miley compatible with a country music superstar such as Kip Moore? Billy Ray most certainly could!

Liam Hemsworth- Billy Ray Views Him as the “Great” Guy

Hold on, though! Billy Ray had grand ambitions to match people, yet he never made fun of Liam. In fact, he couldn’t help but guzzle over the “Hunger Games” heroine in a 2017 interview with ET.

Billy Ray Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus

The patriarch of Cyrus was enamored with Liam’s “great” heart and “humble” demeanor. And here’s a secret- Liam is a Picasso! Shall we say Hemsworth the Artist instead? Billy Ray found Liam’s secret chamber (well, maybe not so secret, but you get the idea) to be a treasure mine of artwork.

Borrowed Shirts and Boundless Support

Think again if you believed Billy Ray’s affection for Liam ended there! Not only was the iconic country singer chanting praises, but he was also donning them! as in really! When Billy Ray displayed Liam’s threads on national television, he made jokes about his “borrowing” strategies. All is fair in love and fashion, though, isn’t it?

And Billy Ray wasn’t just a bystander when Miley and Liam made the decision to tie the knot—he was the cheer leader! There were rumors circulating that he supported their union wholeheartedly and was always happy for them.

For, in his own words, “If you ain’t happy, it ain’t working.” Would someone please say “amen”?

Through Breakups and Makeup

Let us not overlook the difficult path that is love, though. Billy Ray was Miley and Liam’s constant rock thru their share of heartaches and breakups.

When things got hard, he didn’t throw shade or spill the tea. Nope, he didn’t shift his attention from Miley’s delight. Billy Ray’s motto remained unwavering even after the pair clicked the stop button: “Everything happens for a reason.”

And Billy Ray’s own heart, all aching and broken? His nearly three-decade separation from Miley’s mother, Tish, upended everything and led to friction between the once-inseparable couple. Billy Ray, though, never wavered from his maxim—keep the kids happy!

Billy Ray Cyrus stood strong as the ideal father in a world of Hollywood drama and tabloid upheaval, helping his daughter one aching, broken heart at a time as she navigated life and love. That’s what we refer to as family goals now!

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