Nina’s Lonely Path, Ava’s Advice, and Olivia’s Empathy

In the latest spoilers for “General Hospital,” Nina Reeves finds herself at a crossroads as she grapples with the consequences of her rash decisions.

With few supporters by her side, Nina must reconsider her approach and heed the advice of her friends, including Ava and Olivia.

Ava’s Support and Advice

According to spoilers for “General Hospital,” Nina really needs to pay attention to her pals. It is not really working out too well for her that she decided to go with her gut and follow her own feelings.

There are not many people supporting her at the moment, so perhaps things would be better for her if she would just pay attention to the people who do.

Ava joins forces with Josslyn to support Trina. Ava gave her advice to GH’s Nina Reeves when she made the rash and emotional decision to report Carly and Drew’s insider trading to the SEC.

Ava advised Nina to tell Sonny what she had done as soon as she began to feel regret for her decision, which did not take long. Because Nina thought Sonny would dump her if he found out, she was too afraid.

On the other hand, Ava noted that “the sooner the better.” Nina’s actions shocked Sonny since they were kept a secret from him for such a long time.

Perhaps Sonny would have found it in his heart to forgive her, even though it is possible they would not have married. Now that she has lost everything. For Ava, there was no question that telling the truth was better than lying.

Finding Redemption

Olivia Quartermaine of GH found that she has some empathy for Nina, despite the fact that she has every reason to despise Nina and everything she has done.

Nina and Ava
Nina and Ava

Nina has lost everything, everything. Her daughter, her spouse, and her job have all left her. She is devastated and feels as though nothing is left for her.

Olivia says that Nina should give it up now. She must end her feud with Carly, even though it may still hurt so much. Everyone will continue to suffer as a result of it.

Nina continues to choose to believe that she is being punished for Carly and Drew’s illegal actions, despite the immense pain that her actions have caused her. She is not going to ignore that and concentrate on her part of the puzzle.

After Olivia departs, Nina promises to act—once more—in opposition to Carly and Drew. What attack strategy do you think she will employ? Will it function? Is it better for her to give up before wreaking more havoc? Is she even able to move on from the past and start over?

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