Zendaya Redefines Style in Archival Mugler at ‘Dune: Part Two’ Premiere

Zendaya has just taken the red carpet to a new level! As she attends the world premiere of “Dune: Part Two” in Leicester Square, London, the actress unleashes a fashion storm that is equal parts cyborg chic and futuristic fabulous.

Zendaya proves once again that she is the reigning queen of sartorial surprises, ditching the traditional earth tones for a shimmering archival Thierry Mugler cyborg suit.

With each step, she blurs the distinction between sand princess and cyborg priestess, leaving us all in awe of her otherworldly beauty. 

Until now, the actress had mostly worn earth tones in her press appearances, but her vintage Mugler ensemble was a full metallic armor set with silver panels and sheer plexiglass inserts.

The suit featured corset-style details that hugged the actress’s figure, as well as built-in gloves and matching silver heels.

Mugler has previously created similar custom pieces for celebrities, but Zendaya’s outfit is identical to the look that debuted on the brand’s Parisian runway over two decades ago.

Obtaining pieces from the Mugler archives is quite a feat, let alone accessing this particular look, which appears to have not been worn since its debut on the catwalk in the 1990s.

Dune: Part Two
Dune: Part Two

Zendaya opted for a sleek hairstyle and a stunning blue diamond necklace from Bulgari instead of the runway version’s matching headpiece.

This particular catsuit, known as the “Machinenmensch,” or Machine Human, was designed over six months in collaboration with longtime Mugler collaborator and artist Jean-Jacques Urcun.

The fictional character Futura from Thea von Harbou’s dystopian novel Metropolis served as an inspiration for the pair.

Later, the actress changed into something a little more practical to navigate: a black, curve-hugging Mugler gown embellished with vintage Bulgari jewels.

Part Two will be released in theaters in early March, and it appears that Zendaya has already secured one of the best press tour wardrobes in recent memory, thanks to stylist Law Roach.

She demonstrates that she is equally at ease in galactic gowns as she is in pared-back tailoring and, yes, an archival cyborg suit.

The actress will promote her upcoming film Challengers while also serving as the Met Gala co-chair. Zendaya will undoubtedly showcase some major fashion in the coming weeks, but we are not sure how she will top this moment.

Zendaya is more than just a screen star; she is also a celestial-style icon. With each outfit, she demonstrates that the fashion world is hers to conquer. Zendaya, until next time, keep shining!

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