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Home Free Announces the Heartbreaking News of Departure of Tenor Austin Brown

On Thursday, February 15, Home Free, the popular vocal band, released a press statement. The statement became a huge sensation on the internet.

The statement related to significant news about their lineup. The band’s crucial member, Austin Brown, has decided to leave the band after eight years of stability. 

Austin Brown’s Departure is a Shock to Fans

The announcement of tenor Austin Brown’s departure from Home Free came as a surprise to fans. Fans were not expecting such big news from the band.

Over the years, Brown has created an extraordinary image among his audience. His perfect vocal cords and comedic flair became an essential element of the band’s identity. Due to his affectionate image among fans, his departure is poignant for his followers. 

Austin Brown revealed how grateful he is for his amazing bandmates and memorable 12-year journey with Home Free. Austin will hold all the experiences they had together close to his heart.

The group had a strong and unbreakable bond with each other. He will always support the group and is confident in their future projects. He has expressed faith in the incoming member who will join the band.

Why is Austin Brown leaving Home Free?

Austin Brown wants to give more time to his family. Leaving Home Free wasn’t an easy decision for Austin but he had to do it because he wanted to experience every bit of his life with his family. He wants to explore new creative avenues but with family.

The decision was equally shocking for his wife but in the end, she understood Austin’s perspective and supported him in his decision to depart from Home Free.

Why is Austin Brown leaving Home Free
Austin Brown

New Album Announcement Amidst Farewell

All the while, with the fresh insight about Austin Brown’s exit, Home Free revealed plans for a new album to celebrate their very long-term journey since the release of their breakout debut album, Crazy Life.

Titled Crazy(er) Life, the album will act as a nostalgic recognition of their initial career achievements. Nonetheless, it will likewise mark the last recording highlighting Brown’s vocals. 

Fans were shocked and filled with different emotions with the announcement of Austin Brown’s departure. They did not expect him to be leaving but the fans are supportive and outpouring all the best wishes and good luck for Austin’s future journey.

Austin made an impact on Home Free’s musical journey, which will be remembered and honored forever. 

Home Free’s Future Plans and Recruitment

As Austin Brown leaves Home Free, the other remaining members, Adam Chance, Tim Foust, Rob Lundquist, and Adam Rupp, are ready to begin a new chapter without their beloved teammate.

As Austin Brown leaves, the team will be looking for “recruitment” of a new band member who will be a replacement for Austin later in the year.

The team has expressed the void they are going to feel without Austin and how grateful they are for the contributions made by Austin.

Austin Brown’s Next Steps

While Austin Brown’s future plans remain muddled, he has earned a significant social media following through his solo content as well as with his better half.

In 2020, Brown wandered into solo projects, delivering his debut single, “Earn It,” followed by ensuing solo releases.

Fans are confident that Brown will keep chasing his solo career and delivering music that resonates with his audience.

In his own words, Brown explains his goals to bring inspiration and upliftment through his music, intending to have a significant effect on his audience members.

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