Regina King Shines in Netflix’s ‘Shirley’ Biopic

Regina King portrays Shirley Chisholm, as a trailblazing icon who broke down barriers and reshaped American politics.

In the electrifying trailer for Shirley, King channels the indomitable spirit of the first Black woman elected to Congress, emphasizing Chisholm’s unwavering determination and bravery in the face of adversity.

As we dive into the sneak peek of this powerhouse film, prepare to be inspired, empowered, and thoroughly entertained by a true pioneer’s incredible journey. 

With King at the helm and a star-studded cast behind her, “Shirley” looks to be a cinematic masterpiece that not only educates but also ignites a fire within us all. 

The trailer for the film depicts Chisholm’s uphill battle and obstacles in gaining a seat in Congress as the daughter of a Barbados-born maid and a Guyanese laborer, as well as her struggles to navigate Congress with her white male colleagues.

According to the synopsis, the film depicts key moments in her life, including her “audacious, boundary-breaking 1972 presidential campaign.”

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Regina King

King and her sister Reina King produced the film, which stars the late Lance Reddick, Lucas Hedges, Terrence Howard, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Christina Jackson, and others.

John Ridley, who also served as an executive producer on the Academy Award-winning film 12 Years a Slave, wrote and directed the picture. 

King, who worked on the film with her sister for 15 years, said bringing Chisholm’s story to the screen was a significant accomplishment.

“It was always disheartening for Reina and me that so many people over the years were unaware of Shirley Chisholm’s existence,” King told Harper’s Bazaar. “She did something truly innovative. She was a true maverick, and, although the term is overused, she was a true pioneer.”

The Academy Award winner also stated that they chose to release the film during an election year so that it would be more “impactful.” “Releasing Shirley in a place she made for herself seemed like the best way to honor her,” the group said.

Regina King’s portrayal of the legendary Shirley Chisholm in “Shirley” astounded us. With a gripping story and a stellar cast, this film promises to pay homage to Chisholm’s groundbreaking legacy in a meaningful and long-lasting way.

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