Jonathan Bailey Wins Big at Critics Choice – LGBTQ+ Pride Shine Bright

The Critics Choice Awards 2024 delivered laughs, tears, and a Jonathan Bailey moment that had Twitter in a collective sob.

As he scooped up the Best Supporting Actor trophy for his role in Fellow Travelers, Bailey went beyond the usual thank-you roster, turning his acceptance speech into a masterclass in wit, charm, and a dash of British tea tradition.

Bailey, known for his role in making period dramas cool again, kicked off with a nod to his on-screen journey: For many, it’s an education, but for us, it’s a vital truth. ‘Fellow Travelers’ is like a history class, but with more kissing and fewer textbooks. Who said history can’t be entertaining?

As he delved into the significance of the series set in the 1950s, a time when love letters were riskier than a covert spy mission, Bailey’s dry humor shone: “A much-needed reminder that LGBTQ+ people have always existed, mostly hidden – like the best-kept secret that wasn’t meant to be a secret. Shhh, the rainbow’s out of the bag now!”

But it wasn’t just a history lesson; it was a shout-out to those who paved the way. Bailey graciously thanked the LGBTQ+ trailblazers who created a world where he could stand on stage with an award.

To the ones who fought for love when it was tougher to find than a gluten-free baguette – this one’s for you, he proclaimed, turning the spotlight on the heroes of yesteryears.

Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey

Then came the heart-melter: Bailey’s character, Tim, and his love story with Hawk. Their love teaches us to express our feelings before it’s too late. Unlike my attempts at assembling IKEA furniture – those usually end in tears and regrets.

Bailey didn’t miss the chance to bring a touch of British charm to the Hollywood glitz. He dedicated the award to his 93-year-old grandmother, the OG theater enthusiast who fueled his acting dreams: This trophy is coming home with me, Granny, along with a cup of tea on Tuesday – because nothing says ‘victory lap’ like a good Earl Grey.

In a finale that hit all the right notes, Bailey addressed the LGBTQ+ warriors still facing bigotry: To every LGBTQ+ person living in a bigoted community, which sadly still surrounds us, this trophy is like a glittery shield. May it deflect negativity and bring you as much joy as a surprise three-day weekend.

Jonathan Bailey’s Critics Choice win wasn’t just a victory for his performance; it was a triumph for the LGBTQ+ community, sprinkled with British humor and enough charm to rival a rom-com lead. Pour yourself a cup of tea and bask in the warmth of Bailey’s wit – Hollywood just got a whole lot lovelier.

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