Ariana DeBose- Hollywood’s Resilient Star Sparks Drama at Critics Choice

Triple-threat prodigy Ariana DeBose was in the middle of a storm following the glittering 29th Annual Critics Choice Awards, but she handled it like a pro.

The Critics Choice Awards, which are known for honoring greatness, took an unexpected turn when DeBose found herself deeply affected by a seemingly harmless remark about “actors who think they are singers.”

Let’s look into the drama that transpired on that evening with so many famous people.

Ariana DeBose and the Critics’ Choice Roast- The Joke That Hurt

An apparently innocent joke became bittersweet when 20-year-old nonbinary performer Bella Ramsey presented the Best Song category in a fun manner.

As she introduced contenders like Lenny Kravitz and Billie Eilish, Ramsey humorously referred to DeBose as one of the “actors who think they’re singers,” taking a shot at the actress.

Ariana DeBose
Ariana DeBose

She had no idea that her casual comment would make DeBose appear obviously unhappy and cause a backlash on social media.

DeBose Hits Back- No Laughing Matter

Renowned for her acting, singing, and dancing skills, Ariana DeBose, didn’t let the joke go unanswered. The 32-year-old Wish actress said to her 712,000 Instagram followers that she “didn’t find” the joke funny at all.

The joke, disguised as an attack, touched a raw spot, and DeBose’s response demonstrated the emotional toll that such comments can have, even on experienced performers.

Crisis on Social Media- Reaction to the Critics’ Choice Awards

The backlash on social media was immediate, with supporters and followers denouncing the word choice and upholding DeBose’s diverse skill set.

Beyond Bella Ramsey, the writers for the Critics Choice Awards came under fire for allegedly missing the point and neglecting to acknowledge DeBose’s experience as a trained vocalist with credentials in Broadway musicals.

Ariana DeBose- Rising Above the Criticism

Ariana DeBose’s fortitude is evident despite the brief unease. She has previously been the subject of public criticism, most notably following a divisive rap performance at the 76th EE British Academy Film Awards.

Unaffected by the backlash, DeBose enjoys the humor and even welcomes the memes that crop up after these kinds of events.

With her ability to shine in a variety of professions, Ariana DeBose emerges as a versatile artist in the big tapestry of Hollywood, where opinions and fame mix.

With her next endeavors, such as concerts in London and New York, taking center stage instead of the Critics Choice joke, DeBose is staying true to who she is at her core- self-assured, adaptable, and eager to take over the entertainment industry.

Ariana DeBose stands tall in the erratic world of award shows, where planned humor occasionally falls flat, demonstrating that her star power transcends any passing joke.

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