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Jonathan Bailey Post-Bridgerton Embraces LGBTQ+ Narratives in ‘Fellow Travelers’

Jonathan Bailey, famed for his role as Anthony Bridgerton in the hit series Bridgerton, has deliberately chosen to navigate queer narratives in his post-Bridgerton career.

Opting for a gay love story in Showtime’s Fellow Travelers set against the backdrop of the 1950s McCarthy trials and the 1980s AIDS crisis, Bailey views this as a natural progression and a significant personal and professional milestone.

Embracing a Sweeping Gay Love Story

For Bailey, the decision to take on the role of Fellow Travelers was a “no-brainer.” Expressing his eagerness for sweeping gay love stories, Bailey sees this period drama as a unique and much-needed addition to LGBTQ+ storytelling.

Starring alongside Matt Bomer, the series unfolds against the backdrop of pivotal moments in history, offering a rich and layered narrative.

In an interview with People, Bailey shares his excitement for Fellow Travelers, expressing, “This ticked every single box, and it’s something I know I’ll be proud of for the rest of my career.”

The entertainer, who has recently achieved success and acknowledgment through Bridgerton, recognizes the extraordinary effect the show has had on his profession.

Before his advanced role in Bridgerton, Bailey principally navigated English television and theater roles. Be that as it may, the outcome of Bridgerton has enabled him to settle on decisions in his vocation.

Bailey emphasizes the rarity of having such agency in the industry, communicating a feeling of obligation not to waste the potential open doors that come his way.

Brought up in Benson, England, Bailey confronted difficulties in school and looked for shelter in his family, the theater, and close friends.

Jonathan Bailey

Perceiving his sexuality at 11 years old, Bailey tracked down strength in being an outsider. He stresses the significance of praising the strength of queer people, who frequently bring a unique point of view to storytelling.

Fellow Travelers stands apart for its aggressive narrative traversing many years and its inclusion of queer stars. Bailey, who plays Tim Laughlin, expresses enthusiasm about his character’s sweeping arc.

Tim developed from a closeted political staff member during the 1950s to an openly proud activist during the 1980s.

Bailey features that Tim’s excursion, continually conflicted between his character and societal expectations, is navigated more than any other character in the series.

Bailey shares his positive experience working with Matt Bomer on rejuvenating Fellow Travelers. Bomer, likewise an executive director on the show, brought joy and fellowship to the set.

The entertainers’ shared experiences as gay men added to the credibility of their on-screen depictions. Bailey stresses their natural chemistry, both with regards to their acting experience and their common perspective on the subtleties of gay narrating.

In portraying the gay love story in Fellow Travelers, Bailey expresses a commitment to honoring the canon of gay storytelling.

He views this project as an opportunity to contribute to the rich tradition of LGBTQ+ narratives in the media. Bailey’s dedication reflects a broader movement within the entertainment industry to amplify diverse voices and stories.

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