What’s Next for Claire on Y&R? Potential Career Paths and Victor’s Influence

As Jordan’s reign of terror on The Young and the Restless (Y&R) draws to a close, Claire finds herself at a crossroads, contemplating her future after her involvement in Victor’s plan.

With her release imminent, Claire’s career prospects and potential paths forward become the subject of speculation.

Claire’s Role in Victor’s Plan

One must wonder, though, what will happen to Claire when Jordan’s terror reign on The Young and the Restless appears to be coming to an end.

Before we attempt to address that, Claire personally tells Michael that she will carry out Victor’s plan in the Young and the Restless episode that airs on February 28.

Expressing gratitude for the update, he lets her know that he has already begun the process of releasing her.

Although Claire is confused as to how Michael knew she would consent to her early release, she quickly understands that Victor was going to remove Claire from the mental health ward regardless of whether Claire felt comfortable doing so. Michael almost gives her a standing ovation for her insight.

It was not just Michael who found her astute observation impressive. Victor seems to take great pleasure in Claire’s intelligence and attributes it to being a Newman when Michael subsequently speaks with him about the exchange with her.

Return to Newman Media

It appears that Jordan’s time on the soap opera will come to an end soon, as our assumption with her passing is that Claire will be freed and Victor’s Jordan trap will be set.

Claire and Victor
Claire and Victor

After Jordan is dealt with, Claire will need to consider her options. The location of her employment. Naturally, at this point, Victor might be prepared and eager to bring her on board at Newman Enterprises.

The Newman heirs’ employment at the family company appears to be a rite of passage. He can probably find her the “perfect” job, even though he might not be able to offer her a top-level executive position.

It is also possible that Claire will return to her job at Newman Media and take on Nikki’s role. Working well with Nikki, Claire was the star employee until she revealed herself as an agent of Jordan’s chaos.

Is it possible for Nikki to accept her return and for the two to get back on track at work? The only drawback to this idea is that it might feel a bit too déjà vu-like, and Nikki’s sobriety might not benefit from the continual reminder of what transpired.

Although working for a Newman company seems like the obvious choice for Claire, we tend to believe that she might end up in the legal or medical industries.

Potential Career Paths

She can be viewed as an attorney because, ever since Michael began defending her, the two of them have seemed to have a close relationship.

Since he was mistreated as a child and went on to commit terrible crimes before finding redemption, he recognizes a part of himself in her. Their shared history, their developing relationship, and his realization of Claire’s potential could make him her mentor and her the next great lawyer in Genoa City.

Speaking of which, Claire has stated on numerous occasions that reading to the young patients on the pediatrics floor has been one of the highlights of her recuperation.

Maybe her desire to help kids as a doctor—a pediatrician, specifically—comes from her enjoyment of making them feel better.

Nate works at Chancellor-Winters with Devon, so the city could use another doctor on the scene—especially since he traded in his scrubs for a suit and tie. We will be watching Claire for whatever comes next.

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