Esme’s Secret and Ace’s Paternity – A Hidden Twist Awaits?

Recent General Hospital (GH) spoilers have ignited speculation about Esme’s potential hidden secret regarding Ace’s paternity. While fans are left without concrete DNA evidence, the narrative takes a different approach compared to previous storylines, leaving room for a major plot twist.

As Laura and Kevin consider adopting Ace, the lingering uncertainty around his parentage raises intriguing questions about a potential hidden truth.

Lack of DNA Evidence

Spoilers for General Hospital (GH) suggest that Esme might have carried a significant secret with her. Fans still do not have proof that Ace is Nikola’s biological son in the absence of DNA evidence.

The fact that the authors of GH decided against doing a straightforward paternity test, which could have resolved this matter long ago, seems noteworthy.

For a minute, let us contrast Esme’s predicament with the previous Nelle narrative. Michael has always insisted on a DNA test, even after Nelle had already disclosed she was expecting his child.

Right away, supporters received evidence that Michael was the parent of the infant who would grow up to be Wiley. Why did not the authors provide fans with the same DNA proof as comfort, given that Esme was just as much of a schemer as Nelle? It almost seems as though they intended to leave things up to a major plot twist in the future.

Esme and Ace
Esme and Ace

The possibility exists that a DNA test would only serve to corroborate Esme’s assertions regarding Nikolas’ paternity. But the important thing to remember is that viewers will always have to wonder if there is no conclusive evidence!

Hidden Secret and Future Storytelling

Naturally, since Esme is thought to be dead and Nikolas is in jail, things have changed. The show appears ready to brush aside any last doubts viewers may have about Ace’s paternity because Laura and Kevin are about to formally adopt him.

Maybe this is becoming more of a hidden secret that needs to be made public, but that might be a good thing.

Since the paternity issue in the show is not being resolved right now, Ace might grow up believing he is a Cassadine until discovering as a teen or young adult that he is not after all.

Dramas do not hang onto big secrets for years the way they used to, but this could be a chance for them to go back to the traditional method of telling Ace a story in the future.

Stated differently, there is really no reason why Ace should get a paternity change at this time, so this may be a plot point the authors save for a special occasion!

In the interim, some other stories will be investigated, according to General Hospital spoilers, so stay tuned for updates on all the exciting news that is developing as part of the writing regime change.

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