What happened to Zion Clark Legs? Did Zion have any medical issues? 

Zion Clark chose his career in wrestling and established himself as one of the most prominent wrestlers in the world.

His love and dedication towards his goal make him unique and establish him as an inspiration for other people worldwide.

What happened to his legs? What medical issues does he have? 

Zion Clark’s inspirational journey 

Zion Clark holds 3 times Guinness World Record in 20 meters walking hands, the highest box jumps using hands, and the most number of diamond push-ups in the time limit of three minutes.

He also holds the title of All-American Wrestler at Kent State University. 

Zion Clark (Source: Instagram)

He has been state track champion twice in his career till now. Clark was featured in a documentary, “Zion,” which earned him two Emmy Awards.

He also serves as a Motivational Speaker and advocate for inclusion and foster care. 

Zion Clark is an inspiration to the people worldwide. He proves the fact that nothing is impossible if you are determined to do it.

Full NameZion Zachariah Clark
Age25 Years
Height3 ft
Net WorthBetween $1 – $5 Million
Social MediaInstagram

He is the perfect example of never giving up and keep trying until you achieve your dream. 

Zion has 1 million followers on his official Instagram profile @bigz97, where he regularly posts his pictures and videos and motivates others. 

What happened to Zion Clark Legs? 

At the time of birth, Zion Clark was suffering from a serious and rare medical condition known as Caudal Regression Syndrome, which caused him to take birth without legs. 

The Syndrome impaired the growth of his lower body parts including spinal bones, coccyx, and sacrum, pelvis, and legs.

The level of CRS was severe in his case due to which his legs could not develop properly at the time of birth.   

Zion Clark (Source: Instagram)

Despite not having legs, Zion is a prominent American martial artist, wheelchair racer, and wrestler.

In an interview, Zion told the interviewer that he does not believe in excuses and that there is no excuse to do anything bad or good in life.

He further added that he believes that people do what they want to do. Instead of making excuses, Zion focuses on correcting the wrong decisions. 

Why did Zion Clark not have legs? 

Zion Clark was having Caudal Regression Syndrome at the time of birth due to which he was born without legs.

The syndrome impairs the growth of lower body parts which causes a person to lose his legs mostly.

However, despite having such a serious medical issue, Zion has shown the world that nothing is impossible in this world if you are concerned and determined towards your goal.

He has earned so much in his life and is still on his way to accomplishing more achievements.

What is the condition called that Zion Clark has? 

Caudal Regression Syndrome; It is a rare birth medical issue that affects and inhibits the growth of the legs, pelvis, and lower spine.

The major cause of this syndrome is improper development of the bones at the end of the spine popularly known as the coccyx and the sacrum. 

Caudal Regression Syndrome (CRS) can vary from severe to mild depending 

on the development of the bones. If there are some minor defects in the spinal bones sacrum and coccyx, the condition would be mild.

However, in case of severe conditions, a person might lose his legs completely. Zion Clark had severe CRS due to which he lost his legs at the time of birth. 

The cause of Caudal Regression Syndrome is still unknown. However, doctors predict that this is commonly due to the combination of both environmental and genetic factors.

There is no solution for CRS, yet treatment can assist with improving the quality of life for impacted people.

Zion Clark in America’s Got Talent

Zion Clark also went to America’s Got Talent where everyone enjoyed his performance. You can support him by voting for him on

He recently shared a post on his Instagram handle @bigz97 today captioning, “Hope you all enjoyed my performance. I would appreciate it if you guys would support me by voting for me.”

All the voting lines will be closed by 7 a.m. ET on Wednesday. 

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