What happened to Olivia Rodrigo? Who Betrayed Olivia?

Ain’t it funny? You betrayed me. Who betrayed Olivia Rodrigo? It is likely that you saw Olivia Rodrigo’s entertaining but slightly unsettling performance if you stayed up to watch last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. 

But in case you missed it, the 20-year-old performed two of her top singles from her sophomore album, GUTS, on the esteemed stage.

This album received her several nominations and one award, for “Best Editing,” in addition to her many nominations.

What happened to Olivia Rodrigo? 

The singer was performing “Vampire” in front of a sea of other celebrities and business titans when the stage’s pyrotechnics began to malfunction, literally sparking and exploding all around her.

Olivia Rodrigo (Source: Instagram)

At first, Selena Gomez’s uneasy expression was even captured on camera as the audience initially appeared to be extremely alarmed by Olivia’s apparent panic.

It was not until a red curtain dropped from the ceiling that a stagehand deemed the situation “unsafe” and sprang to her assistance to swiftly remove her from the stage.

The performance began with Olivia singing “Vampire,” the lead single from GUTS, but a crew member pushed her off the stage.

Full NameOlivia Isabel Rodrigo
Age20 Years
Height5′ 5″
Net Worth$8 million
Social MediaInstagram

A curtain dropped and some of her SOUR songs started to play in the background before she reappeared.

The VMA’s stage malfunction- It was not what it looked like.

In fact, Olivia’s “Vampire” music video was recreated during the performance, and the same thing took place.

Fireworks went off all around her as she was escorted off stage, replicating the scene from the music video. Everything was planned!

A man ran out to redirect the Grammy winner as she crossed the stage at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey when a red drape fell from the rafters and sparks began to fly. This was all part of a staged stunt.

Everything about it was a replica of Olivia’s “Vampire” music video, in which she also performs while surrounded by lush greenery and then is followed by dazzling fireworks. It is later revealed that this is the setting for her “19th Annual Awards” performance.

After being led backstage, Olivia Rodrigo reappeared moments later with a group of dancers dressed in pink pleated skirts and crop tops in front of a blue curtain that had just dropped in front of the previously collapsed set. 

Olivia Rodrigo (Source: Instagram)

The singer of “Good 4 U” immediately launched into her second hit of the evening, “Get Him Back,” looking fierce and assured as she continued her “iconic” performance. Then, everything will be well that ends well.

Selena Gomez Accused of Shading Olivia Rodrigo

Selena Gomez allegedly “shaded” Olivia Rodrigo in order to get her attention. Olivia, 20, performed her hit song “Vampire” at the 2023 MTV Music Video Awards on Tuesday (12.09.23), and the singer, 30, kept a hand to her ear the entire time.

During the performance of Olivia, Selena was also seen making faces as it appeared that the singer’s stage set was beginning to collapse.

Selena appeared horrified as she was captured on camera in the midst of the alleged chaos.

Many fans claimed she was “being shady” toward Olivia because of the star’s alleged beef with Selena Gomez’s friend Taylor Swift, 33, based on her facial expressions and the way she held her ear, which has gone viral.

Vampire: From Calm Inspiration to Dynamic Heartbreak Anthem

The Best Editing award at the 2023 VMAs went to “Vampire.” Regarding the song’s composition, Olivia spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. 

In December of last year, I composed the song on a piano while being incredibly relaxed. And in January, my producer Dan and I completed the writing process. 

Additionally, I have always had a serious obsession with dynamic songs. The High and low, reel you in, and spit you out, are some of my favorite songs. 

Because of this, we wanted to write a song that continuously built up in intensity, reflecting the anger you feel when something bothers you.

She also went into detail about how the songs were written while traveling back and forth between the renowned Electric Lady Studios in New York City and Dan Nigro’s Los Angeles studio. 

The lyrics, melody, and chords “just poured out of me,” the singer explains in a press release. 

“I went to the studio by myself and sat down at the grand piano because I was upset about a specific circumstance. 

It was almost like an out-of-body experience.” At first, I believed the song was intended to be a piano ballad; however, it is about feeling confused and hurt.

Nevertheless, when Dan and I started to work on it, we paired the lyrics with these loud drums and wild tempo shifts. 

As a result, it has transformed into a danceable song about heartbreak.

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