What Happened to Sutton on RHOBH? Drama, Divorce, and a Horrifying Medical Emergency

The season 13 reunion trailer for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is sure to leave viewers speechless and heart-palpitating.

It’s the glamorous world of the rich and famous just became even more dramatic. Here’s a first peak at the emotional rollercoaster we may expect when the girls open themselves to Andy Cohen as he watches closely.

What Happened to Sutton on RHOBH? 

Sutton Stracke experiences a terrifying medical emergency during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 reunion episode, leaving everyone shocked.

In the Wednesday-released trailer, she is seated beside host Andy Cohen and co-star Garcelle Beauvais when Kathy Hilton, a former “friend” of the cast, unexpectedly enters and startles the “Housewives.”

As tensions rise and friendships are tested amidst explosive confrontations, the drama peaks with Kyle Richards confronting the reality of her failing marriage. The RHOBH reunion promises an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of emotions.

What Happened to Sutton on RHOBH
Sutton Stracke

As the fashion designer approaches the seat next to her sister, Kyle Richards, all eyes are on her. Then Stracke starts to run out of breath in what appears to be an unrelated incident. Her hands also turn purple and swell, and host Andy Cohen notices with concern that she is “shaking.”

Sutton’s Health Scare- A Shocking Twist

The 52-year-old is seen gasping for air and leaning into Beauvais, who is clinging to her, as the camera pans over to her. As Cohen tries to fan her with his cue cards, she also starts to shake, which he notices, and then her hands swell to the point of going purple.

“Oh my God, that is scary,” said the ever-helpful Dorit Kemsley. No explanation of what was happening was provided at the end of the trailer. Sutton has not disclosed the exact nature of her illness.

She recently went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with her son and his pals, so it appears that she has since recovered. Happy to hear she is okay! This Wednesday, February 28, at 8/7c on Bravo, is when Part 1 of the Season 13 RHOBH reunion airs.

Claws Out- Fireworks and Feuds

Not only does Sutton’s health issue raise eyebrows, but the reunion is a breeding ground for burning rivalries and heated conflicts.

With friendships on the line and accusations flying, Kyle Richards finds herself in the middle of the storm.

Kyle’s reunion is far from easy, as she must uncover the truth about her marital problems with Mauricio Umansky and learn to protect herself from persistent attacks.

It’s not only Kyle, though, who is feeling the heat. As Kyle attacks Dorit Kemsley for daring to ask about the nature of her connection with country singer Morgan Wade, Dorit finds herself in the firing line.

There is going to be an epic clash, no secret safe, no stone left unturned, as whispers are flying and tempers are rising.

There’s no denying that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 13 reunion delivered a great deal of drama once the cameras stopped running and the dust settled.

A season finale that is sure to be remembered is approaching, with friendships put to the test, alliances broken, and secrets revealed.

Beverly Hills, buckle up—this ride is going to get rough.

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