Andy Cohen Hopes to Avoid Conflict with Ryan Seacrest During CNN Special, Jokes About ‘Tequila’ Ban

This New Year’s Eve, Andy Cohen does not want any drama with Ryan Seacrest.

Alongside Anderson Cooper, the Bravo personality is back to host CNN’s special from Times Square.

The hosts toast to the new year by taking shots of alcohol at the top of each hour; two years prior, Cohen and Cooper became noticeably inebriated, particularly Cohen, who made fun of Seacrest while he was hosting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC.

During the December 2021 special, Cohen said, “If you look behind me, you will see Ryan Seacrest’s group of losers performing.” “You are watching nothing if you are watching ABC; I apologize.” Cohen later apologized on his SiriusXM radio show.

However, according to a statement made by Seacrest on Live With Kelly and Ryan last year, Cohen “did not turn around and wave” at him when he waved at the CNN hosts during the taping of their specials in December 2022. 

Later, Cohen claimed not to have known about the exchange, and to set the record straight, Cohen appeared on Seacrest’s radio program On Air With Ryan Seacrest while their respective specials were being taped.

Cohen wants to make sure that he and Seacrest do not misunderstand each other this year.

Andy, 55, posted a fan’s artwork to his Instagram Story on Saturday. “Me on NYE,” he wrote in the caption.

Andy was depicted in the hand-drawn picture with his mouth hanging open.

The illustration was a parody of the CNN New Year’s Eve show from the previous year, featuring Andy wearing goofy glasses and carrying an umbrella-wielding headset microphone.

Andy Cohen and Ryan Seacrest
Andy Cohen and Ryan Seacrest

Next to Andy was written, “Honestly, I need tequila!”

Cohen stated, “I just want to point out that I made a big effort,” following an alcoholic shot at the top of the 9 p.m. ET hour. We gave Seacrest a wave. He cannot go around saying that I made fun of him because he saw us waving.”

Cooper added, “Do not turn it on. Don’t even mention it.”

Cohen retorted, “I am not initiating it. I am merely keeping things tidy. We have waved. The connection has been made.”

Cooper observed that Seacrest received some complimentary remarks. 

“We gave him props for his attire,” he said. “He looked great. He’s in a very nice tux.”

“This is Andy stirring the pot,” Cooper continued.

Cohen replied: “Not really. Just keeping it clean. This year, I am making sure my side of the street is tidy.”

Cohen did launch another jab at a different celebrity a short while later.

Actress Bridget Everett (HBO’s Somebody Somewhere) surprised Cohen and Cooper by performing a cappella rendition of One Direction’s “You Do Not Know You Are Beautiful” next to them.

With some “God-awful song” playing in the background, Everett performed the song live in the middle of Times Square, to Cohen’s acclaim.

“I have to give it up to Bridget,” Cohen said, “because that awful song over there was playing when she started singing.” It is difficult to sing while a song is playing.” That was great.”

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