What happened to Magnolia Shorty eye? The Eye Injury That Shaped Her Journey

Magnolia Shorty, I hope you have heard the name of this popular rapper. Today we will discuss everything about her, from her career to what happened to her eye.  

Mongolia Shorty is the stage name of Renetta Yemika Lowe-Bridgewater. She was an American rapper in the New Orleans-based bounce music scene.

The music career of Shorty

The first female artists signed to Cash Money Records were Magnolia Shorty and Ms. Tee (Trishell Williams).

Her 1997 debut album Monkey on the Dick (often stylized Monkey on the D$ck) is considered a bounce classic, and she “was considered a legend of bounce music.”

Nik Cohn credits Magnolia Shorty with helping him discover bounce in his 2007 book Triksta, and the third chapter of that book is named after her self-titled debut.

Birdman stumbled upon Magnolia Shorty. Soulja Slim, also known as Magnolia Slim, gave her the nickname because they both grew up in the risky Magnolia Projects in New Orleans. 

Beginning in the 1990s, she worked with many Cash Money artists, including Juvenile and Hot Boys, earning the moniker “Queen of Bounce.”

She first appeared in the 1997 song “3rd Ward Solja” by Juvenile. She performed at SXSW in 2009 and took home the Best Bounce Song honor at the Underground Hip-Hop Awards in New Orleans.  

Net Worth of Magnolia

Magnolia Shorty’s net worth, or net income, is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million.

She has made a lot of wealth from her primary career as a rapper.

The numerology of Shorty

Travelers and seekers of a higher truth, whatever that entails for them, are those on Life Path Number 5. Magnolia Shorty’s Life Path Number is 5.

What happened to Magnolia Shorty eye
Lil Wayne and Magnolia Shorty, two iconic artists in the music industry. (Source: Polo Silk Terrell)

She is resourceful, ambitious, and extremely focused on her objectives, putting all of her heart and energy into work and personal projects.

When and how did Shorty die?

Shorty was returning to her apartment on December 20, 2010, to get something before traveling to Miami, Florida, to perform at a festival.

A second vehicle circled around her and blocked her path as she rolled through the gate with her vehicle.

She was shot 26 times and killed in the car with Jerome Hampton in a double homicide in the parking lot of her apartment. Two men exited the vehicle, and they started firing through the windows. 

Police described the crime as a drive-by shooting. In her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, at the Fifth African Baptist Church, her funeral took place on December 30, 2010.

Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile, Mack Maine, and Birdman were among the more than 1,000 mourners at the funeral. In New Orleans, Louisiana’s Mount Olivet Cemetery, she was laid to rest.

Her death investigation

An Orleans Parish grand jury indicted four alleged gang members on murder charges in August 2014 in connection with the killings of New Orleans rapper Magnolia Shorty and a member of a rival gang.

A federal investigation was carried out by the FBI Gang Task Force in New Orleans, which resulted in the indictment.

Who killed Magnolia, and how did it happen?

She passed away in the winter of 2010 at the age of 28, and the group of assassins who accidentally killed her friend Jerome “Man Man” Hampton referred to her as “collateral damage.” 

Her ascent in the New Orleans music scene, which will always be linked to shocking acts of violence, was put to an end by the brutal murder.

What happened to Magnolia Shorty eye?

Magnolia Shorty was shot in the eye, and as a result, she lost vision in that eye.

Magnolia Shorty had to endure several surgeries and treatments to save her eye, which was a traumatic experience for her.

Nevertheless, she was left with long-term damage and blindness in her injured eye, despite the medical interventions.

The injury also affected her appearance, as she had to wear an eye patch or sunglasses to cover her eyes.

Magnolia Shorty did not let her injury stop her from pursuing her passion for music. She kept writing songs and performing them; she even drew inspiration and strength from her injury.

She frequently alluded to the injury to her eye in her lyrics, as in the song “Smoking Gun.”

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