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What happened to Dre Mccray husband? Is he still alive?

Who her husband is, and who Dre Mccray is. As well as her personal life, net worth, and how she met Drew, we will talk about them.  

Currently, fans are confused about what happened to her husband—is he alive or dead? Today’s article will also help you find the answer to this question.

A short introduction to Dre McCray

Andrea McCray, also known as Dre McCray, is a social media influencer and a Tik Toker. 

In 2016, she uploaded makeup tutorials to YouTube. Dre’s abilities in the cosmetics industry were praised, which increased her fan base. 

Who is her husband, Marvon McCray?

Marvon McCray was raised by a devoted mother and was born and raised in Yuma, Arizona. He put a lot of effort into his role as a marine, dedicating himself to it.

Von found love and companionship in Dre McCray, a remarkable woman who excelled both as an entrepreneur and a social media influencer.

Dre Mccray husband
Dre Mccray with her husband (Source: Facebook)

Marvon suffered a knee injury in 2018 that necessitated hospitalization, but he persisted and recovered well enough to go home. 

He had a loving and aspirational nature and was always eager to try new things. 

Things you should know about her relationship with her husband, Von McCray

Dre McCray and Von McCray are a couple over 8 years. Von Mccray attempted suicide and later suffered a brain injury. On the day Dre found him and called 911, Von tried to take his own life and was taken to a nearby hospital. 

Instead of giving Von the care he needed, Dre kept Von’s condition a secret from his loved ones.

He began appearing in her social media content, she said. When Von’s mother learned about her son’s condition on social media, the hashtag “Justice For Von” was created.

Moreover, she also changed his diet to a vegan one. 

Did Dre assault her husband?

Numerous users have a sneaking suspicion that she had previously used an invisible poison to kill her husband.

Most internet users are shocked as they believe she is milking her husband’s unfortunate situation to attract social media followers.

A heartfelt moment between Dre McCray and her husband, Marvon McCray. (Source: Facebook)

She does not seem to care as much about his security and well-being. To this end, many people call on the authorities to investigate the case and bring Von’s killer to justice.

The turning point in the married life of Dre and Von

As we discussed, Dre is a social media influencer. Consequently, she posts everything related to her life on social media platforms. According to Andrea’s Instagram and TikTok videos, everything was going well.

However, everything changed when she decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle and wanted her family to do so as well. She said it would make them all healthier and disease-free.  

They became slimmer as a result of the diet change, and many viewers wondered if Marvon also appeared sicker. However, no one intervened because nothing unexpected occurred.

Another change Andrea brought to the family was changing the herbs they used in their meals. 

It was later discovered that Marvon had started experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression.

He refused to consume the herbs, which frequently resulted in arguments with Andrea. The couple was frequently heard fighting on her streams, according to viewers.

What happened to Dre Mccray husband?

Sorry to say, Von is no longer with us. Uncertainty surrounds the circumstances of Marvon’s death because the precise cause of death has not been revealed.

According to some sources, he made a suicide attempt and the next day fell into a coma.

What happened to Dre Mccray husband
Dre McCray and Marvon McCray, a loving couple (Source: Facebook)

Family members or reliable sources have not yet offered any official updates or specific information about this situation.

Friends, family, and surviving members of Marvon’s family have come forward to confirm his passing during this difficult time.

Net Worth of Dre

Nevertheless, the net worth of a person plays an important role in determining his success.

Dre McCray’s net worth is estimated to be around $285K as of 2023. 

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