What happened to Alex on “The Kitchen”? Selena Gomez and Alex Paired Up for “Selena + Chef”

Alex Guarnaschelli was recently seen with Selena Gomez. They both are doing an episode of “Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays” on Food Network.

In this amusing episode, celebrity chef Alex Guarnaschelli guides Gomez in attempting to make mozzarella sticks, resulting in some unexpected kitchen mishaps.

Cooking Lesson with Chef Guarnaschelli

Chef Guarnaschelli starts the lesson by instructing Gomez to drop mozzarella sticks into hot oil. A humorous exchange ensues as Gomez, armed with tongs, seeks guidance.

The pair’s banter and Gomez’s genuine confusion set the stage for a lighthearted cooking experience.

Utensil Mix-Up and Gomez’s Hilarious Mistake

Guarnaschelli suggests using a “spider” instead of tongs, leading to a comical moment as Gomez tries to find the right tool.

Settling for a strainer, Gomez proceeds to drop more mozzarella sticks into the oil than recommended. Guarnaschelli, realizing the mix-up, humorously reacts to the unexpected quantity.

What happened to Alex on “The Kitchen”?

Alex Guarnaschelli is missing from “The Kitchen.” It’s been around a month since it appeared on “The Kitchen.” She hasn’t responded to fans’ queries about her whereabouts or why she is not on the show.

Alex has not revealed anything about her departure from the show. She remains silent on the matter. She recently announced in ”Chopped: Julia Child” where she can be seen.

What happened to Alex on “The Kitchen”
Alex Guarnaschelli

Fans are expecting that Alex will return soon to “The Kitchen” once she is done filming other projects in hand.

However, do not forget that Alex Guarnaschelli has announced nothing about her return or the reason behind her absence from the show “The Kitchen.”

Gomez’s Apology and Culinary Recovery

Caught off guard, Gomez apologizes for the oversight, questioning if she was not supposed to add all the mozzarella sticks. Guarnaschelli laughs it off, assuring her that it will be fine.

The duo’s laughter fills the kitchen as they proceed to stir and salvage the situation, showcasing Gomez’s resilience in the kitchen.

Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays

The comedic cooking session is part of “Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays,” a four-part special on Food Network. Premiered on Thursday, Nov. 30, the series features Gomez learning holiday hosting secrets from various celebrity chefs.

Alongside Guarnaschelli, Michael Symon, Claudette Zepeda, and Eric Adjepong join Gomez for episodes filled with festive culinary adventures.

Alex Guarnaschelli’s Fingertip Mishap

During the filming of the Brunch Battle episode, Guarnaschelli encountered a kitchen mishap while slicing sunchokes with a mandoline.

The incident occurred when the sharp kitchen gadget got a little too close to her hand, resulting in the unintentional slicing of the tip of her middle finger.

Despite the painful setback, Guarnaschelli, committed to the competition, chose to continue filming rather than calling it a day.

Cooking Through Challenges

During a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories, Guarnaschelli offered insights into how she mentally recovers when faced with culinary challenges.

The chef emphasized the importance of continuous practice, stating, “I keep cooking and cooking. Practice heals a lot.”

This resilience and commitment to her craft showcase the mindset of a seasoned chef who views challenges as opportunities for growth.

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