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Royal News: Uncovering the Letters – King Charles and Meghan’s Dialogue Post-Oprah Interview

The aftermath of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s revealing 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey continues to unfold as Omid Scobie’s new book, “Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival,” peels back layers of clandestine communication between King Charles and Meghan Markle.

Meghan’s Reply to King Charles

According to Scobie’s book, one month after the Oprah interview, King Charles III reportedly wrote to Meghan expressing his sadness over the family’s division and regret that so much had been shared publicly.

Inside sources revealed that Charles wanted to clarify that the skin color remarks were not made with “ill will” or “casual prejudice.” Meghan responded by highlighting the need to address “lingering unconscious bias and ignorance.”

The exchange led to a “respectful back-and-forth,” achieving, as Scobie notes, “at least a feeling that both had been heard.” Despite differing perspectives, the letters aimed to bridge the gap created by the explosive revelations.

Buckingham Palace’s Post-Interview Statement

Buckingham Palace responded to the interview’s fallout with a statement on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II. It acknowledged the concerning nature of the raised issues, particularly on race, promising private resolution while emphasizing varying recollections.

King Charles and Meghan Markle
King Charles and Meghan Markle

Scobie’s book, however, refrains from naming individuals involved in the controversial discussions.

William and Kate’s Silent Stance

While Prince William publicly declared, “We are very much not a racist family,” in response to interview questions, Scobie’s sources suggest that William and Kate have not addressed the raised issues with Harry and Meghan directly.

This silence reportedly contributed to confusion and upset within the family.

Intricacies of Royal Relationships

Scobie’s narrative extends beyond the Oprah fallout, offering insights into the dynamics between Charles and William. Describing their relationship as one marked by “tension and one-upmanship,” the book unveils the intricacies of their interaction, dispelling the notion of a harmonious “lockstep.”

The book further explores William’s independent approach, especially in matters like stripping Prince Andrew of royal patronages.

Allegedly perceived as “disrespectful” by Charles’s camp, William asserted his own authority in certain situations.

Media Maneuvers and Princess Diana “Cosplay”

“Endgame” reveals Charles’s attempts to court the media, hosting reporters for a dinner at his Scottish estate. Scobie notes that the media strategy also involved pre-emptive moves by William to control the narrative, displaying a degree of autonomy that allegedly irked Charles’s advisors.

The book delves into Kate’s deliberate sartorial nods to Princess Diana, suggesting a collaborative effort with William.

Scobie contends that these choices are thoroughly discussed between the couple, drawing inspiration from Diana’s past appearances.

William’s Perception of Harry’s Mental Health Journey

Amidst Harry’s revelations about therapy in his memoir “Spare,” William allegedly believes that his brother has been “brainwashed by an ‘army of therapists.'”

This perspective, as conveyed by Scobie’s sources, adds another layer to the ongoing familial tensions.

Camilla’s Perspective and Kate’s Sentiments

Queen Camilla reportedly feels sympathy for Meghan but disapproves of how Harry and Meghan handled themselves.

Meanwhile, Scobie’s sources suggest that Kate was never a fan of Meghan and has distanced herself from the Sussexes.

The book asserts that Kate “will always look back fondly” on the good times but harbors distrust post-interview.

Finality in Family Relations

As the book sheds light on various aspects of the royal saga, it suggests that Harry has come to terms with potential irreconcilability.

Harry reportedly remarked to a friend after Charles’s coronation, “Whether we get an apology or accountability, who knows? Who really cares at this point?”

“Endgame” leaves readers with a nuanced perspective on the royal dynamics, unraveling the complexities that persist behind the palace walls.

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