Sonny Corinthos Faces Threats: Jason Morgan’s Return Sparks Chaos

General Hospital (GH) is heating up as Sonny faces multiple threats within his organization, leading to a dangerous game of cat and mouse. With a mysterious shooter on the loose and Jason’s return imminent, Port Charles is on the brink of chaos.

Sonny’s Dilemma

Damian is the only person who can help Sonny. It is necessary to address Sonny’s two concerns. First, within his organization, there is a mole. Though Dex is not involved in the scheme to kill Sonny, all the signs point to him.

However, the person betraying Sonny inside his organization appears to be answering to a much bigger threat. There have been multiple attempts on Sonny’s life in the last few months.

However, he is not the only target connected to the mob. Olivia was just put to death, and Selina says she was also attacked. Sonny and Spinelli planned to set a trap because he was sick of always being on the defensive.

Sonny and Selina are holding a covert meeting at a remote Port Charles warehouse, according to information that has been passed along and should get to the enigmatic shooter. Spinelli will be keeping an eye on the situation and has installed cameras all over the warehouse.

This sounds familiar, and that is exactly right. It was believed that Sonny had passed away a few years prior, and Carly was taking over as head of Sonny’s Organization. She requested that Spinelli carry out the same action during a meeting between Cyrus and Herself.

The Return of Jason

When Cyrus captured and nearly killed Spinelli, the latter was in fact present at that meeting. Hopefully, he is observing from a distance this time.

Most likely, the gunman will enter the room unexpectedly. He will not be able to stay out of sight entirely, but he will probably be shrewd enough to avoid the cameras for the most part.

After watching the video, Sonny and Spinelli will notice a resemblance in the killer’s movements. Since Jason is the person they are thinking of, they will simply dismiss it as a coincidence.

The shooter is most likely the man that Sonny and Spinelli think of as their best friend, especially since Jason will be back next week.

Port Charles is on the verge of a major drama. What are your thoughts? Is Jason the gunman for sure? Can he even still be rational? Who is going to see Jason first? Keep an eye on General Hospital, because anything can happen in Port Charles.

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