Pedro Pascal’s Casting is a Potential Turning Point for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Robert Downey Jr. had a significant role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He played the role of Tony Stark, a character that gave life to the MCU.

After his death in Endgames and his departure, it has become hard for the franchise to find another anchor with the same charisma to hold the franchise together.

Recently, they announced that Pedro Pascal will be playing Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four. This could be an indication of the MCU finally finding the next defining character of the franchise. 

While the MCU has kept on turning in powerful movies during Phase 4 and Phase 5, it has faced problems in keeping with the company narration and consistency of its earlier phases.

In spite of the presentation of characters like Carol Danvers and Doctor Strange, none have absolutely made up for the lack left by means of Tony Stark.

The intricacies of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, because of legally binding concurrences with Sony, similarly confuse endeavors to put out some other focal figure.

The Importance of Pedro Pascal’s Casting

Pedro Pascal offers the potential to thirst for the MCU’s quest for a cast that justifies their role as an anchor. Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Vanessa Kirby, and Joseph Quinn are three of the Fantastic Four, along with Reed Richards.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

Pascal’s depiction guarantees a developed and getting-through presence in the franchise. This trope recommends a drawn-out obligation to their jobs, offering strength to the MCU’s future projects.

Addressing Criticisms and Building Toward the Future

Pedro Pascal is going to play Reed Richards, and criticism comes along with the announcement. It is claimed that the MCU makes choices and decisions that lack an effect on future storylines.

Pascal’s projecting, notwithstanding, addresses a conscious and critical choice that signs Marvel Studios’ obligation to build a firm story.

The casting of Pascal in Reed Richards’ role holds a lot of expectations and it’s not like the previous cast. The bars are set pretty high for this character, as it holds historical importance in the Marvel Universe

Reed Richards
Reed Richards

Reed Richards is not a character to be looked upon highly. Even though he is a foundational character, he is not in the A-list category for the audience, especially the younger ones.

Pascal will need to work hard on his character to modify the perceptions of audiences, just like Downey Jr. did with Tony Stark.

Richards is also a brilliant inventor, just like Stark, and has helped to give shape to the MCU through technology. As a founding individual of the Illuminati and head of the Fantastic Four, Richards holds an essential job in Marvel legend.

The announcement about Reed Richard has been made by using a photo of the Fantastic Four from the 1960s, suggesting a new and unique way to approach the audience and introduce the characters.

If this upcoming movie follows the same path, it can provide a glimpse to the audience of the untold and unexplored part of the MCU.

Also, Pascal is the best choice for Reed Richards, as he has the required charm and intellectual brilliance, which can make the character a success in every field, including romance.

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