Nick Viall Pokes Fun at ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner’s Romance, Hopes for a Prenup Twist

The humorous “Viall Files” podcast presenter and former “Bachelor” lead, Nick Viall, is back in the limelight, criticizing Gerry Turner, the “Golden Bachelor.”

In an open interview, Viall says he hopes Theresa Nist, Turner’s new wife, had the wisdom to request a prenuptial agreement in the midst of a financial storm.

Prenup Drama Released- Nick Viall Speaks Out

When it comes to the rumors of a possible union between Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner, Viall doesn’t mince words.

Viall looks askance and remarks on the possible necessity of a prenuptial agreement as the “Golden Bachelor” is accused of having made disparaging statements in the past.

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Viall says that a prenuptial agreement shouldn’t be a source of conflict if the union is genuinely based on love.

The Turner-Nist Wedding- Airing Dirty Laundry?

Following their televised wedding ceremony on January 4, the public’s focus switched from the love connection between Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist to the financial details of the “Golden Bachelor.”

Having previously criticized Turner in a December 2023 interview, Viall is still skeptical of Turner’s sincerity, particularly in light of the vile charges detailed in an exposé published in the Hollywood Reporter.

Money, Love, and Red Flags- Nick Viall’s Prenuptial View

Turner’s purported thrift and complicated previous relationships have been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter, and this has created a social media frenzy.

Gerry Turner and Nick Viall
Gerry Turner and Nick Viall

Renowned for his razor-sharp sense of humor, Nick Viall injects his own spice to the rumors by raising doubts about Turner’s reasons for selecting a life partner.

Curiously, Viall questions why a wealthy “restauranteur” would require financial support from another person, implying that Turner could have picked Nist to pursue a career in wealth management.

Supporting Theresa Nist- A Prenup, If She Asked

Even though it’s still unclear to the public if Theresa Nist actually asked for a prenuptial agreement, Nick Viall is adamantly in favor of it.

Viall expects that Nist, with her background in wealth management, has taken warning signs into account in light of the raging debate and allegations. If asked, a prenup would seem like a sensible step to protect Nist’s interests, according to Viall.

Nick Viall’s commentary gives the often dramatic world of reality TV and celebrity romances a fun new dimension as the story of the “Golden Bachelor” and his new wife develops.

One thing is clear as the drama develops- Viall’s witty tongue keeps us engrossed in the newest rumors about love, money, and prenuptial thoughts.

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