Kim Zolciak Breaks Silence on rumors she cheated on Kroy Biermann

Have you heard about this popular couple? After 11 years of marriage, the estranged couple shocked fans by filing for divorce.

In the realm of celebrity drama, Kim Zolciak, the former star of Real Housewives of Atlanta, has recently been caught up in a financial probe and a web of adultery allegations.

The public’s attention has once again been drawn to the reality TV star, who is well-known for her unfiltered outlook on life, raising questions about her marriage to Kroy Biermann. 

Kim Zolciak made a statement in response to the recently released police bodycam footage of her explosive fight with her estranged husband, Kroy Biermann.

The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star responded to Kroy’s claim that she has been “f–king other men” in her message.

“The comments made in the body cam footage from Kroy, who is enraged, are untrue,” Kim, 45, said. “I completely refute any claim that during our twelve-year marriage, I have cheated on Kroy. Any assertion to the contrary is blatantly untrue, unfounded, and defamatory. I have made an effort to keep quiet about these false accusations, but I have reached my breaking point and I will not stand by while my reputation is destroyed.”

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann
Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann

According to a police report, body camera footage from the fight on November 20 was taken. During the fight, Kroy, 38, exclaimed, “It is nothing but an act.” We’re getting divorced one day or the next.”

Over the past few months, the estranged couple’s relationship has seen many ups and downs; in May, Kroy initially filed for divorce.

The divorce was dismissed, but in August the former NFL player filed for divorce once more, this time requesting sole custody of the couple’s four minor children: twins Kaia and Kane, age 10, KJ, age 12, and Kash, age 11.

Kim filed her response paperwork in October, requesting joint legal and primary physical custody. 

On November 11, Kim and Kroy celebrated their 12-year wedding anniversary despite their seeming separation. She also added his last name back to her Instagram account after the anniversary dinner.

According to the body cam footage that In Touch was able to obtain, Kim stated to a police officer on November 20th, “I just want to get divorced.” She added, “I just want it to be over. He wouldn’t let me leave this morning. He jumped in front of my car. He’s blocking me from leaving.”

According to the police report, an on-scene officer described Kroy as “verbally combative.” He could be heard screaming, “Calm down when I do not have a f-king life?” in the body cam footage. There is not anyone who will f-king pay attention to me! Oh, please settle down. Are you ready to live this? You could not have survived for a year. This f-king house would not have held you for a single day!”

At the scene, police had conversations with the couple’s kids. One child, according to the police report, claimed that Kim and Kroy were “arguing and yelling at each other” and that “it looked like Kroy may have hit [Kim] during the arguments.” The other children, however, maintained that “they were just yelling at each other, and the argument never turned physical.”

Financial woes and public scrutiny

The escalating drama sheds light on Zolciak’s financial difficulties, which have followed her in recent years.

Fans have criticized the reality star for selling designer items from her and her daughter Brielle Biermann’s wardrobes, even though she has denied having any financial difficulties.

The couple has twice faced foreclosure threats on their Georgia home, and numerous businesses have filed lawsuits against them for unpaid bills.

Additionally, Biermann has charged Zolciak with endangering their family’s finances by excessively spending money on games of chance and gambling. 

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