Jackie Cox On Returning To Days Of Our Lives – Returns To Salem In Style

In the world of soap operas, drama reigns supreme, and what’s more thrilling than the return of a beloved character? Enter Jackie Cox, the drag superstar set to sashay back into the whirlwind of Days of Our Lives this December.

It’s a comeback that has fans eagerly clutching their pearls and straightening their tiaras in anticipation.

Cox, known for their magnetic presence on-screen and off, accepted the invitation to return to Salem with the finesse and flair that only a drag performer of their caliber could muster.

With Days’ hectic schedule, Cox fittingly embraced the last-minute call, slipping this dramatic role back into their already bustling calendar.

Cox is returning to the world of drama this December. DAYS had a busy touring schedule, but Cox accepted their most recent request to come to Salem without hesitation.

Jackie Cox explained that Daytime is the best because it moves so quickly. She was more than accommodating to the last-minute invite and squeezed it into her schedule.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Cox is thrilled that the viewers of the show have responded well to their visit. “What’s amazing is that the fans are always asking me, like, ‘Am I the person who murdered Abigail?’ ‘Is she the one who’s helping Leo?’ They see me in the show even when I’m not there!”

Cox says. “And I think Ron and the team have picked up on that a little and they’re trying to squeeze me back in where they can, which is so much fun because I think Leo is such a fun character on the show and I love how connected my character is with him. The minute I met Greg [Rikaart, Leo] when we did BEYOND SALEM a couple of years ago, I was like, ‘I’m like the Natasha to your Boris!’ We’re these funny little gay people who are maybe good, maybe bad. We’re not sure!”

Cox was full of praise for Peter Porte, highlighting how much fun they had working on important scenes together.

Thinking back to when they first met while filming BEYOND SALEM, Cox remarked on their brief exchange while Peter was Agent Graham, who was subsequently revealed to be Dimitri.

Even though they didn’t talk at the time, Cox valued Peter’s willingness to cooperate, which made their subsequent work together joyful.

Recalling Peter’s excitement for working on their sequences, Cox observed that life seemed to keep bringing them together ever since Peter had indicated how much he enjoyed having Cox around.

When Cox and Peter happened to meet paths in three different cities, he made a joke out of the fact that it seemed like everyone wanted them to spend more time together and cheat on Greg.

Jackie Cox
Jackie Cox

Cox jokingly linked this to the universe indicating that kind of thing, showing laughter instead of horror.

Cox hinted at the notion of Billy Flynn’s character Chad getting a bisexual plot, making fun of the idea that Chad might be a successful drag queen and demonstrating the boundless possibilities in the narrative.

But what’s truly gripping about Cox’s return is the narrative concocted by Days’ ingenious writers.

Cox teased the plot’s depth, diving into critical issues like immigration while weaving a tapestry of entangled relationships between Dimitri and Leo. Yet, Cox highlighted the brilliance: it’s not just about drag or being gay; it’s about authenticity within a compelling story.

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