Jeannie Mai Jenkins, Inside the Custody Dispute Over Daughter Monaco

During their tumultuous divorce, Jeezy accused his estranged wife, Jeannie Mai, of hiding their daughter, Monaco, from him.

According to court documents, the 46-year-old rapper known as “All There” filed a motion seeking a temporary hearing regarding Monaco’s custody for a period of 22 months. 

Since filing for divorce on September 14, Jeezy—real name: Jay Wayne Jenkins—and Jeannie, 44—have been “temporarily residing” in the former couple’s Los Angeles home.

As per the documents, the parties have endeavored to discuss temporary custodial arrangements informally ever since. 

The parties have confirmed through communications between their attorneys that they have decided on a visitation schedule that will last until the end of 2023, but handling custody and parenting time issues in such an ad hoc manner is growing increasingly impractical.

The rapper from “Leave You Alone” continued by saying that Monaco is now under “stress” due to the “lack of consistency, continuity, and stability inherently associated with such a haphazard and fluid parenting time schedule.”

Then, he claimed that their current custody plan has led to “unnecessary tension and confusion” regarding their parenting time and their exclusive rights when caring for their daughter on their own.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins
Jeannie Mai Jenkins

Though he asserted that Jeannie has “acted as a gatekeeper” for Monaco, Jeezy said he does not think the former The Real cohost is “acting maliciously.” 

The documents stated that “Jeannie’s interference with Jeezy’s relationship with the child, again, is causing confusion and tension between the parties and is working to stifle the development of the petitioner’s relationship with the child, even though it is not motivated by or malicious in intent.”

A parenting time schedule that is in line with the child’s best interests must be established, and the parties’ temporary legal and physical custody rights must be “separate, structured, and clearly defined,” according to the documents.

More than two months after he filed for divorce in September, Jeezy filed the custody document. He finally spoke out about their breakup in an October statement, more than a month after the filing.

Makeup Artistry to Television Host

After going public with their relationship in 2019, Jeannie and Jeezy married in March 2021, and in January 2022, they welcomed their first child together.

While still residing in San Jose, Mai began working as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics at the age of 18. 

She gained experience as a trainer by going from face to face until she was working for celebrities like Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera and eventually traveling the world. 

Using scripts she had written herself, Mai started going to local television networks in 2003 to showcase her hosting abilities. Mai went on to work as a producer for The Daily Mixx on the WB and as an entertainment reporter.

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