HGTV’s Hilary Farr Bids Farewell to “Love It or List It” After 12 Years

Renowned HGTV designer Hilary Farr is parting ways with one of the network’s beloved series, “Love It or List It.”

Having appeared in 258 episodes since the show’s 2011 debut, Farr, alongside real estate agent David Visentin, has been a fixture on the renovation series. The departure marks the end of an era for the dynamic duo.

While Hilary Farr bids adieu, “Love It or List It” is expected to continue, presumably with David Visentin continuing his role.

The show, known for its engaging format, involves homeowners at a crossroads with their residences, with Farr and Visentin competing to sway their decisions.

The most recent 17th season of “Love It or List It” drew a staggering 24 million viewers, showcasing its enduring popularity on HGTV.

The show’s unique concept, where homeowners decide whether to renovate their current home (love it) or list it and move to a new property, has captivated audiences for over a decade.

Hilary Farr Expresses Gratitude and Looks Ahead

Hilary Farr, reflecting on her 12-year journey with the show, expressed gratitude to the network and loyal fans. She shared her appreciation for the impact “Love It or List It” had on her life but also hinted at embracing new challenges in the future.

Farr praised her on-screen partner, David Visentin, and teased that he would remain as “fabulously and hilariously annoying as ever.”

Farr acknowledges the impact of “Love It or List It” on many lives, including her own, and views it as a positive legacy.

Hilary Farr and David Visentin
Hilary Farr and David Visentin

As she takes a step back, it remains to be seen what new endeavors Farr will pursue, leaving fans intrigued about the next chapter in her career.

David Visentin, Farr’s on-screen rival and friend, spoke warmly about their decade-long collaboration. He reminisced about the wild and unforgettable ride of working with Farr, highlighting their banter and quick friendship.

Visentin wished Farr the best in her future endeavors, emphasizing the enduring nature of their off-screen friendship.

Loren Ruch, Head of Content at HGTV, acknowledged Hilary Farr’s wit and charm during her tenure on the show. He emphasized the lasting legacy of Farr and Visentin as an esteemed HGTV duo.

The network anticipates a new chapter for “Love It or List It” and expressed gratitude for the joy Farr brought to the show.

In addition to “Love It or List It,” Hilary Farr headlined her own HGTV series, “Tough Love with Hilary Farr.” The show, recently concluding its second season, showcased another facet of Farr’s design expertise and TV presence.

Throughout “Love It or List It,” Farr and Visentin’s online chemistry has been a key element of the show’s enduring popularity.

Their banter and rivalry, coupled with the unique premise of the series, have made it a fan favorite. The show’s structure, where homeowners face the choice of renovating or relocating, has been a winning formula.

Produced by Canadian company Big Coat Productions, “Love It or List It” faced legal challenges in 2016 when a couple featured on the show filed a lawsuit. The dispute triggered a countersuit, ultimately leading to a settlement.

Despite the legal hiccup, the show continued to thrive, showcasing the resilience of its concept and the enduring appeal of Farr and Visentin.

Hilary Farr’s departure from “Love It or List It” marks the end of a remarkable chapter in her career. As audiences bid farewell to this HGTV icon, the show’s continuation with David Visentin ensures the legacy lives on.

Farr’s next ventures remain a mystery, leaving fans eager to see what new challenges she’ll embrace in the future.

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