Dr. Phil McGraw vs. Transgender Trend: Gender Controversy and Calls Out Social Media Influence!

Dr. Phil McGraw enters the ring, delivering his signature blend of insight and controversy. With the backdrop of societal upheaval over transgender issues, he is not holding back.

In a verbal battle with Joe Rogan, they dissect the complexities of imposing gender identity on children, wielding wit and wisdom like seasoned What is Dr. Phil’s diagnosis? A dose of reality was served with a side of skepticism, challenging the status quo with a sharp tongue and a keen eye for the pitfalls of social media’s influence. 

McGraw commented during an interview with Joe Rogan on “The Joe Rogan Experience” while discussing the contentious issue.

“I find it interesting that officials use phrases such as he said. “But what they mean is hormonal therapy or sex reassignment surgery for children. To be fair, all major medical associations, including the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Endocrine Society, have signed off on this. They authorized it. And I have never seen those organizations sign off on anything with less information about whether it will cause long-term harm to anything in my life. And when I brought it up, they immediately labeled me as transphobic.”

According to McGraw, many European countries have reversed their stance on transgender issues because they recognize the harm it causes to children.

The reason for doing it is to stop the drive for suicide, which is a suicide epidemic,” he explained. “It does not correct that, nor does it address all of the comorbidities associated with feeling as if you are in the wrong body.” But they are pushing it. And we are going to do some pre-recorded shows that will reveal what the real results of this are. And I believe people will be surprised to learn that these medical organizations have approved this. I believe they have just succumbed to the pressure.”

Dr. Phill McGraw warned about what was happening in some of America’s public schools, where teachers were actively working to undermine children’s relationships with their parents.

Dr. Phil McGraw
Dr. Phil McGraw

“If this is a psychological or medical phenomenon, and the teachers are not trained in either psychology or medicine, they are no more prepared to deal with it than they are to remove the child’s spleen in the homeroom,” he stated.

“So, if that is the case, and it is a psychological issue, gender dysphoria, or a medical problem, you will need someone trained in child psychology, psychiatry, or medicine.” The teacher is not trained in any of these three areas. As I previously stated, they are not any more trained in this than they are in removing the child’s spleen. So, how qualified are they to deal with that?”

“Secondly, it teaches the child to keep a secret from their parents, it teaches deception, and it interferes with the child’s relationship with their parent,” he added.

“Now, their justification is that if the child goes home and announces it, or if we notify the parent, the child will be abused, judged, or kicked out. However, they must admit that this is statistically extremely rare. If that is the case, the Department of Child and Family Services and Child Protective Services are there to help. If that is the case, you should seek intervention if the child is being abused at home for any reason. However, you must not interfere with the child’s relationship with their parents. Parents have the right to know what is going on.

Rogan noted that children were gullible and easily manipulated, which he said was why Islamic terrorists “make little kids become suicide bombers.”

“Because you can persuade children, Rogan said. “You can convince them to believe in Santa Claus. Because children are so young, you can persuade them to believe in all sorts of ridiculous things. You can easily convince them in one way or another that they are anything, that they are queer, that they are trans; you can completely convince some kids of all kinds of things, especially if you reinforce it with love, support, and happiness.

McGraw stated that the transgender issue was not “appropriate or safe for children,” and that those who claim that the effects of transgender procedures are reversible are lying.

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