Greta Lee’s Oscar snub baffles fans!

The Oscars are in full swing, but one name stands out: Greta Lee is conspicuously absent. Dive into the drama as we discover the truth behind Hollywood’s biggest snub of the year.

Robbie’s performance in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie was thought to be worthy of at least a nomination for the coveted award, but there had been a bigger snub in the category all along, one that appeared to fly under the radar with the high-profile Robbie capturing the public’s attention once more.

Greta Lee‘s name was shockingly absent from the list of ‘Best Actress’ Oscar nominees, which included Emma Stone of Poor Things, Lily Gladstone of Killers of the Flower Moon, Annette Bening of Nyad, Carey Mulligan of Maestro, and Sandra Huller of Anatomy of the Fall.

That is not to say that the aforementioned individuals are unworthy of their nominations, but Lee, who delivered a mesmerizing performance in Celine Song’s Past Lives, may consider herself unfairly treated.

Past Lives was nominated for both the ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best Original Screenplay’ Academy Awards, demonstrating its cinematic brilliance, but Song’s film would be nothing without Lee’s exceptional performance.

The film is a moving story about the threads of fate and missed opportunities that play such an important role in our lives, as well as an exploration of the age-old question, “What if?”

Greta Lee
Greta Lee

Lee plays Na-young, opposite Teo Yoo’s Hae-sung, a pair of childhood friends who develop a romantic relationship.

However, when Na-young emigrates to Canada with her family and changes her name to the North American Nora, Hae-sung is left to wonder what could have been as he grows older and grows further apart from his young friend.

As previously stated, many people believed that Margot Robbie should have received an unfair award for “Best Actress,” but it is more likely that Lee was the performer most disappointed by the biggest Oscar snub of 2024.

Only five actors were competing for the coveted prize, so some would undoubtedly lose out, but Lee was not one of them.

Perhaps there was a sense within the Academy that Lee was relatively new to the scene when compared to Emma Stone and Carey Mulligan, while the opportunity to bring Native American actor Lily Gladstone into the conversation might have been too good for the Academy, which is frequently chastised for its lack of diversity, to pass up—of course, this is not to detract from Gladstone’s performance in Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon.

While Lee did not receive a nomination for ‘Best Actress’ this year, she undoubtedly contributed to Past Lives’ ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best Original Screenplay’ nominations, so she can consider herself a significant part of such achievements.

If Lee’s performance in Song’s feature debut is any indication, it will not be long before she is on the Oscar podium, properly recognized for her talent.

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