WWE Heist, Did Logan Paul Outsmart Rey Mysterio to Steal the US Championship?

At Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, Logan Paul—a social media sensation turned WWE superstar—pulled off an incredible coup by defeating WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio to take the title of US Champion in an astonishing turn of events.

The 28-year-old entertainer, who possesses numerous talents, has undoubtedly added an incredible new chapter to his constantly changing career; however, his journey to success was not without its playful antics.

Paul’s career as a professional wrestler started in 2021 when he joined the WWE, one of the biggest organizations in the business.

The crossover star made it very evident that he intended to make an impact on the wrestling industry—one way or another—when he signed an official contract with the WWE, capping off nearly a year of building anticipation.

The match held at Crown Jewel was an incredible spectacle of entertainment, featuring a thrilling bout between the two top fighters, Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio. Paul rode into the controversy with a stunning entrance down the ramp, laying the groundwork for an incredible show.

Controversy or Opportunity: Logan Paul’s Triumph

But it was during the match that things took a dramatic turn. Logan Paul, also known as “The Maverick,” pulled a rabbit out of his hat—a pair of brass knuckles.

This wasn’t his first rodeo with this controversial prop, as fans might recall from his previous escapade at SummerSlam. However, this time, his tactics were sharper than ever.

Rey Mysterio, the three-time world champion, spotted Paul’s shifty play and managed to disarm his opponent of the brass knuckles. With lightning-fast reflexes, he forced Logan Paul to surrender them at ringside. But the drama was far from over.

Logan Paul Outsmart Rey Mysterio
Logan Paul and Rey Mysterio

Paul’s entourage, in their roles as loyal allies, attempted to snatch back the brass knuckles for their star. However, Rey Mysterio’s partner, Santos Escobar, had other ideas. He intervened and played the role of the ultimate spoiler, preventing the brass knuckles from returning to Logan Paul.

The real curveball in this narrative came when Escobar, instead of capitalizing on the situation, left the brass knuckles on the ring apron and chased after Paul’s ally.

Logan Paul seized the opportunity, snatching the brass knuckles once more, all while a heated showdown with the legendary Mysterio raged on in the ring.

As Mysterio attempted a Springboard Senton to bring his rival down, he was met with a sneaky punch from Logan Paul, who had those concealed brass knuckles up his sleeve (figuratively). This unexpected twist of events sealed the victory for Paul, leaving the WWE Universe in shock.

Rey Mysterio watched Paul celebrate with a mix of disbelief and disdain. The tension between the two was as thick as a well-constructed plot, and a fiery exchange followed as they tried to make sense of this wrestling caper.

While Logan Paul tried to plead innocence, insisting he had no clue about the brass knuckles, Rey Mysterio remained skeptical, firmly believing that it was all part of Paul’s cunning game.

Paul’s victory was celebrated by many, including his business associate and fellow YouTube sensation, KSI, who took to social media to congratulate his partner in mischief.

A picture posted by KSI showed Logan Paul, the sly title thief, triumphantly holding the US Championship over his head, with the fallen Mysterio in the background.

The finish of the match hinted at a possible double-cross by Santos Escobar, teasing a future showdown between these two lucha libre superstars.

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