Abigail Breslin and Aaron Eckhart’s $80,000 Lawsuit ‘Classified’ BTS Scandal

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, drama is not limited to the big screen. Sometimes, the real action unfolds behind the scenes, and it seems that Abigail Breslin and Aaron Eckhart are bringing the drama with them onto the set of their upcoming film, “Classified.”

Producers of the film have taken legal action, suing the former child star, Abigail Breslin, for breach of contract, shedding light on the fiery frictions between the young actress and her co-star, Aaron Eckhart.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on November 2, alleges that the ongoing tension between the 27-year-old “Little Miss Sunshine” star and the 55-year-old “In The Company of Men” actor not only stalled production but also cost the film’s backers a whopping $80,000. It’s safe to say that sparks were flying both on and off the set.

In court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, Breslin accused her co-star of displaying “aggressive, demeaning, and unprofessional” behavior towards her during filming.

If that’s not a juicy tidbit, we don’t know what is. It’s the kind of Hollywood drama that even the most talented screenwriters couldn’t conjure up.

Legal Fireworks

According to the same court documents, Breslin didn’t keep her grievances under wraps; instead, she took them straight to the Screen Actors Guild.

In a letter, she detailed her concerns and lambasted Eckhart’s behavior, setting the stage for a showdown that has us all on the edge of our seats. A star-studded spat, indeed.

Allegations flew like the pages of a script in a tornado. Breslin claimed that Eckhart’s actions put her “at various times in peril” during the production.

Abigail Breslin and Aaron Eckhart
Abigail Breslin and Aaron Eckhart

This is where things take a serious turn, as the actress even refused to be alone with her co-star in several scenes. Costly accommodations had to be made to ensure the two actors never had to be in the same room without a buffer.

One producer, referred to as “Mr. Georgiev” in the lawsuit, reportedly investigated Breslin’s claims and found “no evidence in support of Breslin’s wild, hysterical, and imaginary allegations against Eckhart.” A classic case of ‘he said, she said,’ but with an $80,000 price tag.

There’s a whole lot more at stake here than just egos and emotions. The documents state that the ongoing dispute led to “delivery issues to distribution partners,” primarily because there are pivotal scenes where Breslin and Eckhart had to share screen time. The tiff is causing a ripple effect, and it’s clear that the producers are feeling the financial pinch.

Breslin’s Demand for $35,000 Before Signing Her Contract

But the drama doesn’t end there. The documents also claim that Breslin has yet to sign her long-form contract and is demanding an eye-watering $35,000 as a condition for her signature. If you thought the drama on screen was intense, this off-screen negotiation takes it to a whole new level. 

Here’s where things get even more complicated: Without Breslin’s signature, the production faces a grim future.

Producers won’t be able to distribute the finished film, and they will also miss out on a potential tax credit in Malta, where “Classified” was shot. It’s a financial rollercoaster that’s not for the faint of heart.

As we eagerly await the release of “Classified,” it’s clear that the real classified information lies in the drama surrounding the film.

This star-studded spy thriller, which also features Tim Roth, follows a CIA hitman who utilizes newspaper classified ads to find his assassination targets while reconnecting with his estranged daughter.

With all the real-life drama happening behind the scenes, one can only wonder if there’s a secret mission involved here, or if this is just another classic Hollywood showdown.

Intrigue, espionage, and an $80,000 price tag—this off-screen drama is proving to be more thrilling than any spy thriller.

Stay tuned for more juicy updates on the courtroom showdown between Abigail Breslin and Aaron Eckhart as the real-life drama continues to unfold, threatening to overshadow the silver screen itself.

Will this legal battle end with classified documents sealed, or will we get an inside look into the backstage secrets of Hollywood? Only time will tell, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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