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What happened to Wilbur Soot? Allegations and Apology Amid Controversy

The popular content creator, Shelby Shubble, streamed a video in February titled “Talking about something more serious,” where she talked about her former dating experience.

She revealed her abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend, an anonymous British guy. She didn’t reveal her name but many presumed that it was Wilbur Soot and he was the center of the allegations. 

Shubble detailed instances where affectionate biting escalated into harmful behavior, leaving her covered in bruises.

Wilbur Soot’s Rise to Prominence

A British content creator who rose to fame through various platforms like YouTube and Twitch, Wilbur Soot is a known creator of Minecraft-related content. He has a prominent status in the online gaming community.

He is also involved with Dream SMP along with other creators, which makes him a known figure. Soot has lots of followers. He has millions of subscribers and followers, which makes his presence in the world of social media daunting. 

What happened to Wilbur Soot?

Wilbur Soot faced allegations of abusive behavior after his ex-girlfriend, Shelby Shubble, disclosed their past relationship, citing harmful biting incidents. Soot publicly apologized, admitting to his actions, though Shubble hasn’t forgiven him yet and is taking a break from social media.

His ex-girlfriend Shelby Shubble reveals that his affectionate biting soon led to harmful behavior and became abusive. The biting led to bruises. Soot then released a public apology.

What happened to Wilbur Soot
Wilbur Soot

Shelby Shubble’s revelation about her past relationship came as a shock to the online streaming community. Her abusive relationship details soon led people to presume that her ex-boyfriend was Wilbur Soot, as she didn’t reveal his name.

Shubble made allegations against her ex-boyfriend for biting her. At first, it was affectionate and romantic but later on, it turned into painful bites that covered her with bruises.

Shubble’s disclosure of her abusive past and her shed light on the darker aspects prompted scrutiny and debate across the internet. 

Soot’s Response and Addressing the Accusations

Soon after the revelation and speculation about Shubble’s ex-boyfriend, Soot took to social media and addressed the ongoing debates. He acknowledged the allegations and disclosed that he was Shubble’s ex-boyfriend and he is apologetic for his past behavior.

After he accepted his identity as the anonymous boyfriend, he apologized for his abusive behavior. He admitted that he was being slobby and selfish.

However, he revealed that the biting was consensual and that it was reciprocated as well. After his apology on February 27, fans and followers were both supportive and skeptical of Soot. Soot’s revelation is a turning point in the ongoing scrutiny. 

Fan Reactions and Their Divided Opinions

Fans’ response after Soot’s apology is mixed. This mixed response shows the polarizing nature of the allegations. Some fans are optimistic, appreciating Soot’s transparency and his accountability for his abusive behavior.

Others criticize and accuse him, dismissing the severity of Shubble’s experiences. Soot’s actions have led to serious discussions about the nuanced viewpoints at play.

Shubble’s Response

As a result of Soot’s apology statement, Shubble responded publicly, hesitant to accept his words. She emphasized the need to take time away from social media to manage her emotions and heal from the ordeal.

Shubble’s refusal to immediately accept Soot’s apology added another layer of complexity to the story, prompting fans to examine the truth of his apology.

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