Rudy Mancuso’s Rom-Com ‘Música’ Trailer Drops, Featuring Camila Mendes, and Love Triangles!

The trailer for “Música,” a rom-com symphony that promises to hit all the right notes, is released by Amazon Prime Video, setting the tone for the film.

Rudy Mancuso takes the director’s chair with a vibrant burst of music and comedy, bringing his quirky charm and Brazilian flair with him.

The always-endearing Camila Mendes is dancing beside him, bringing her sparkle to the romantic dance floor. Anticipate a rollercoaster of humor, triangles of love, and even a hint of chaos brought on by synesthesia in this semi-autobiographical story.

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating ride where life meets the heartbeat and destiny is served with a side of flying fish, as the teaser suggests.

A gigantic fish that soars through the air at the seafood market where Mendes’ Isabela works slaps Mancuso’s Rudy in the face in the trailer.

Despite having a girlfriend already, Rudy still pursues Isabela because she accepts him for the man he is—a man tormented by common sounds that his mind interprets as rhythms.

Rudy Mancuso

The teaser gives viewers a glimpse into what is going through Rudy’s mind, with sounds such as clocks ticking and shoes pattering across the floor. Not only does Rudy have to decide between the two women in his life, but he also needs to consider the puppets and his future.

Mancuso, who oversaw Música’s direction, choreography, composition, and co-writing, is passionate about the project because it gave him the chance to introduce the world to his Brazilian culture.

Even though the upcoming director has a rich history in comedy, particularly from his roles on Vine and YouTube, his hit song is his first foray into full-length features.

Because Mancuso and Mendes are a real-life couple, their romance will be further emphasized in the screenplay, which will also add a dash of art imitating life, given Mancuso’s background with synesthesia.

Producers practically lined up to back Mancuso in his first feature-length project, which he co-wrote with Dan Lagana of American Vandal since he had an already established fan base from his social media presence, appearances on Comedy Central’s Drunk History, and his supporting role as Albert Desmond in Andy Muschietti’s The Flash.

Tall Girl, Playing It Cool, and other projects produced by Wonderland Sound and Vision are supported. Along with Mary Viola, the owner of the company, McG (Family Switch), also joins the production team.

Additional executive producers include Lagana, Mendes, John and Sam Shahidi of Shot Studios, and Steven Bello of Wonderland.

Música will be raising its voice at SXSW alongside some other films, such as Nicolas Cage’s Arcadian, Sydney Sweeney’s religious horror thriller Immaculate, and Dev Patel’s Monkey Man, to mention a few.

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