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What happened to Popularmmos? From Minecraft Stardom to Personal Struggles

Patrick Julianelle, or PopularMMOs, joined YouTube at the beginning of 2012. For his 17 million subscribers, he spent the best part of a decade making Minecraft videos. Later, he began making videos with his girlfriend, GamingWithJen.

Initially a Roblox game developer, the couple worked together to produce joint gaming material for over five years.

They even married in 2015, published several children’s fiction novels together, and produced content together. Pat made products, live update videos, a website, and information about the couple and Minecraft.


He and his wife are now separated; the couple announced their separation in a video they shared in 2019, citing disagreements on their plans for children.

Although they continued to produce content together for a short while after their breakup, including publishing numerous more books, the split crushed many of their fans.

After they had decided to file for divorce several weeks prior, the breakup video was posted and attracted close to 10 million views.

Understandably upset, commenters asked numerous questions concerning the future of their commercial collaboration and content.

What happened to Popularmmos?

The 33-year-old was once more detained after attempting to enter the Jaguar football field while playing with two other men. He spent two days in jail after being accused of a criminal plot and a breach of peace by three or more people. 

What happened to Popularmmos
Popularmmos (Image Via @popularmmospat/Instagram)

Since then, it has become clear that Popular MMOs have essentially died. Pat is no longer active on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. Still, his followers continue to leave speculative comments on those posts and his YouTube videos, asking him to return to the game industry. But neither Pat nor Jen or Pat’s wife have provided any new information.

Arrested before too

Pat had recently been confined two times for defying the norms. As per Twofold District, one happened on May 16, 2021, and the catch was in response to a domestic battery claim.

As indicated by the police report, he and his darling were detained because of the problematic records they had published.

Afterward, he needed to tweet that the allegation was false to shield himself. He tweeted, “You are a terrible individual,” because of his ex Eleni’s betrayal of him in court and public harassment of him and his life partner Liz.

After being detained for three difficult days, Pat was finally delivered on May 19, 2021, yet solely after making $2,503 in restitution.

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