Drew Scott’s Celebrates Halloween with His One-Year-Old

As the calendar flipped to November, we couldn’t help but look back at the heartwarming Halloween celebrations that lit up the lives of Drew Scott, one-half of the famous Property Brothers, and his beautiful family.

The spooky season was more about sweet moments, cute costumes, and family fun than the usual chills and thrills.

A day before Halloween, Drew Scott treated his followers to a delightful Instagram post, capturing the essence of Halloween in one heartwarming family photo.

The Scotts, including Drew, his wife Linda Phan, and their adorable son Parker, embarked on a Halloween adventure at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge, California.

Little Parker’s Big Halloween Adventure

Parker was very excited to explore this pumpkin wonderland at the age of one. It was evident that Halloween was a true family event for the Scotts as Drew shared these unique moments with his followers.

Parker was examining a photo op of a pumpkin structure with such enthusiasm that it was impossible to miss the wonder and delight they were seeing.

“It makes me feel complete,” Parker’s love of Halloween, according to Drew Scott’s caption. This sentiment resonated with countless followers who couldn’t help but smile at the adorable family photos.

The Instagram post garnered an outpouring of affection from Drew Scott’s followers. Many shared their love for seeing the Scott family having fun together. The Scotts’ Halloween celebration struck a chord with many.

Drew Scott, known for his love of design and construction, also shared who he decided to impersonate for Halloween this year. Keeping the fun tradition alive, he embraced another TV personality’s character. It’s no wonder fans eagerly anticipated Drew and his twin brother Jonathan’s costume choices.

A Halloween Celebration with the Property Brothers

The Property Brothers, Drew, and Jonathan Scott joined forces for this holiday celebration. They were accompanied by their respective partners, Linda Phan and Zooey Deschanel, and the star of the day, little Parker.

The family embraced characters from Hayao Miyazaki’s beloved series “My Neighbor Totoro.” In this adorable recreation, Parker dressed as the titular character, Totoro, complete with an adorable onesie. Drew transformed into Mei and Linda into Satsuki, two sisters who befriend Totoro in the animated masterpiece.

Drew Scott went all out in his Mei costume, complete with a brunette wig, oversized pigtails, a white collared blouse, and a red dress.

Jonathan opted for a different character altogether, taking on Link from the video game “Legend of Zelda.” His costume included a hooded green tunic, white pants, and pointy ears.

Jonathan’s fiancée, Zooey Deschanel, chose to embody Little Red Riding Hood with her costume. She donned a red mini dress, red leggings, and a hooded red cape, bringing a touch of classic fairy tale charm to the Halloween celebration.

As the Property Brothers celebrated Halloween together, it was evident that family, fun, and tradition were at the heart of their gathering.

Their creative and heartwarming costumes reflected their playful spirit and love for spending quality time together.

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