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What happened to Chip Gaines’ face? A Closer Look at His Valentine’s Day Gesture

Chip Gaines, a home renovation expert, is known for the popular show Fixer Upper. He is not just a renovation master but also a master of gestures, as can be seen through his thoughtful gestures for his wife, Joanna Gaines, and their pets.

On Instagram, Chip shared a heart-touching video where he gave a glimpse into his unique Valentine’s Day tradition.

Go Big or Go Home

Chip believes in celebrating Valentine’s Day with a grand gesture. He wants to make it a memorable day, wholeheartedly.

On Instagram, Chip uploaded a selfie video where the 49-year-old star disclosed his “go big or go home” approach on Valentine’s Day, the romantic holiday.

In the video, Chip proudly showed a huge bouquet of roses that he gifted his darling wife on Valentine’s Day to portray his romantic gesture.

However, with every passing day, roses tend to wilt and lose their charming essence. But not to worry, as Chip came up with a practical and creative solution to their post-Valentine’s fate.

What happened to Chip Gaines’ face?

Chip Gaines sustained injuries to his face, visible in an Instagram video about Valentine’s Day flowers. Although he didn’t explain the cause, his commitment to sustainability and care for his wife and farm animals was evident as he repurposed wilted roses for his goats.

Chip Gaines did not particularly mention where his face got so many wounds in a video uploaded on Instagram. However, he did mention that it looked worse than it had before.

Chip Gaines face
Chip Gaines

Chip can be seen humorously talking about his farm’s policy in the video about Valentine’s Day and the flowers he gifted his beloved wife.

After showing his injured face for a bit, he flipped his camera toward his goats and the Valentine’s Day flowers and started explaining his policy that he wastes nothing.

He then showed the fading roses and said, “Once the queen Joanna is through enjoying them, it’s their goats’ turn.” He then took the bouquet of roses and fed his goats.

This gesture shows his sense of responsibility towards nature and commitment to sustainability. The charming gesture also shows his care for his wife and his farm animals. 

A Glimpse into Chip and Joanna’s Dynamic

Chip’s Valentine’s Day shenanigans caught everyone’s attention, but despite the touching gesture offering a glimpse into the couple’s day-to-day life in the same video, Chip’s tough appearance with cuts on cheekbones, jaw and nose showed them a bold outlook on lifestyle.

He displayed a willingness to take on challenges, a trait that affects Fixer Upper fans.

A Love Story Spanning Twenty Years

Chip and Joanna’s passage through a romantic story is not just love but a story of growth and development.

What happened to Chip Gaines' face
Chip Gaines

In a speculative interview with PEOPLE, the couple celebrated their twentieth anniversary and shared experiences with their growing role in marriage Joanna noted the role reversal with a smile, where she adopted Chip’s qualities and tolerated and vice versa, a newfound balance in their relationship.

Embracing Change and New Beginnings

They set out to step on the second phase of their marriage, and Chip and Joanna remain as powerful as could be expected. Regardless of the progression of time, their bond keeps on fortifying, filled with shared memories and respect for each other.

The couple’s eagerness to embrace change is clear in their different exhibit of projects, from starting a podcast network to redesigning Hotel 1928 in Waco, Texas.

Five Children and Counting

Chip and Joanna’s journey is incomplete without their five kids, who act as a source of happiness and motivation.

From oldest child Drake to youngest child Crew, the Gaines family exemplifies love, laughter, and immovable support for each other.

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