Sofia Vergara’s Stunning Transformation as Griselda Blanco Leaves Fans in Awe!

In Netflix’s “Griselda,” Sofia Vergara gives up her sitcom persona to play the infamous Griselda Blanco. Vergara’s transformation goes beyond cosmetics and prosthetics, plunging her into the murky and gritty world of drug lords and dishonesty.

Viewers are left wondering where reality ends and fiction begins by Vergara’s portrayal, which transports them from the busy streets of Miami to the depths of Blanco’s deranged mind.

She skillfully negotiates Blanco’s character‘s nuances in every scene, taking on the most sinister aspects of humanity with unwavering intensity.

However, behind the scenes, Vergara submits herself to hours of prosthetic magic and makeup, in what is a meticulous dance between artist and canvas rather than just donning a costume. 

The former “Modern Family” cast member trained extremely hard for this role because of the physically demanding and intense storylines.

“Everything was challenging for me,” Vergara shared with Billboard. I was trying new things, so that was mostly the first month. I had never used prosthetics, acted in a drama, or performed in Spanish. “It was difficult for Vergara to play Blanco during a particularly dramatic episode. It was extremely difficult since Griselda was completely depressed, using drugs, and somewhat going insane. I found Griselda’s attitude to be quite draining. She was killing, screaming, and crying. It was a lot,” Vergara continued, speaking of the difficult scene in Episode 5. 

You have probably noticed that Sofia Vergara changed completely while filming “Griselda,” whether you have watched all six episodes in one sitting or have only glanced at the teaser.

Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara

Producer Eric Newman of “Griselda” told The Hollywood Reporter that this was intentional. He went into detail about the lengthy process.

“We started our makeup process well before we started shooting,” Newman said, acknowledging that at first, he was concerned about Vergara’s performance being affected by wearing prosthetics.

His worries about Vergara not looking like herself outweighed the fact that she appeared to be a replica of Griselda Blanco. “We required people to lose track of the fact that they were watching Sofía Vergara,” said Newman.

Variety claims that Vergara, who shared a behind-the-scenes video of her makeover, had to spend three hours a day applying makeup.

Vergara’s makeup artist, Todd McIntosh, worked hard to bury Sofia underneath Blanco’s likeness. McIntosh told the magazine, “Griselda was not a pretty lady. “In other words, the goal was to take away Vergara’s attractive features and make her appear ordinary.

Additionally, use conventional makeup to tell the story.” McIntosh echoed Newman’s remarks when he said that the intention was to assist viewers in suspending their disbelief. “Our goal was not to fully conceal Sofía, but rather to change her appearance,” McIntosh stated.

Whether the “Griselda” makeup team will be taking home any awards during award season will have to wait until 2025 for fans to find out. Still, most viewers of the drama concur that Vergara did a good job portraying Griselda Blanco. Except Kelly Clarkson, that is, almost everyone.

Vergara’s physical transformation appeared less dramatic than it had during a heated interview, according to Clarkson. I do not know what they did, but I think they just changed your nose, or something,” Clarkson remarked. Vergara, though, was not going to accept that. “No, Kelly, it was hours!” “Are you crazy? She mentioned her prosthetics, teeth, and wig before continuing.

Vergara’s method was still labor-intensive, even though Clarkson might not have noticed the distinctions between her and the on-screen Griselda Blanco.

Vergara told Digital Spy, “We had to do a lot of tests to see different wigs, different noses, and different eyebrows.” I wanted her to look human because I get easily distracted by wigs or other distracting things when I watch movies, so that is why I was nervous. “I wanted to be able to act with all those things that I had on,” Vergara continued. My eyebrows were plastic because I had false teeth. I had a fake nose. I would apply makeup all over it and dye my skin a different color to feel different.”

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