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The ACE Family Came a Long Way-From YouTube Stardom to the Heart-Wrenching Decision

The ACE Family members, Catherine Paiz McBroom, Austin McBroom, and their kids Elle, Alaïa, and Steel, have risen to gigantic YouTube notoriety since launching their channel in 2016.

In any case, their journey has been damaged by controversies, legal issues, and eventually a choice to stop their channel in 2022.

Austin, a previous school basketball player, and Catherine began vlogging in 2016, concurring with the introduction of their first youngster.

The family’s connecting with content, highlighting pranks and difficulties, collected huge prevalence.

However, in the midst of their ascent, rumors about Austin’s treachery surfaced, making way for a progression of outrages that would unfurl throughout the long term.

What happened to The ACE Family?

The ACE Family, consisting of Catherine Paiz McBroom and Austin McBroom, confronted controversies and legal issues and chose to stop their YouTube channel in 2022. In 2024, Austin and Catherine declared their separation, referring to shared reasons and a pledge to co-parent.

The family’s legacy mirrors an excursion set apart by popularity, challenges, and, at last, a choice to head out in different directions.

By March 2022, the mounting controversies appeared to negatively affect the family. In a critical move, Austin and Catherine declared their choice to stop their YouTube channel, communicating a longing to go as a family and get to know each other.

What happened to The ACE Family
The ACE Family

Their last YouTube video was released in June 2022, denoting the conclusion of an important time period for The ACE Family’s advanced presence.

From Slam Dunks to Vlogging Funk

Austin and Catherine McBroom’s slam-dunk into vlogging started in 2016, paralleling the arrival of their first kid. But fame’s scoreboard also tallied up rumors of Austin’s mischief, setting off a scandalous game that unfolded over the years.

Not Just a Game Show

The ACE Family faced more than just in-video challenges. Sketchy parenting moments, an adult store escapade, and a legal boxing ring bout marked the scoreboard. The Social Gloves event led to lawsuits, adding legal drama to their YouTube saga.

Skincare Shenanigans and House Swap Dramas

Catherine’s skincare brand, 1212 Gateway, faced a face-off with broken products and boardroom battles. Meanwhile, reports hinted at a house swap—foreclosure style. Turns out, their castle wasn’t immune to financial storms.

In a plot twist fit for Hollywood, The ACE Family bid YouTube adieu in 2022. Their final video, released in June, hinted at a desire to trade the YouTube spotlight for family time. Exit stage left.

Is The ACE Family still together?

No, The ACE Family is not together. The year 2024 brought a significant change for The ACE Family as Austin and Catherine revealed their choice to divorce. On January 12, 2024, both posted separate statements via social media, underscoring that the divorce was a shared and hard choice.

Catherine communicated her commitment to groundbreaking change in 2024 and alluded to Austin as her “best friend.” In the meantime, Austin recognized the difficulties of giving up while supporting each other’s future.

Lights Dim, Cameras Split

Just when you thought the credits were about to roll, 2024 brought the grand finale. Austin and Catherine declared the end of their on-screen romance.

A divorce announcement hit the screens on January 12, 2024, leaving fans in a whirlwind of emotions.

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