Meg Ryan’s Glam Comeback: Sequins, Poses, and a Decade-Long Hiatus Ends!

Meg Ryan, the queen of romantic comedies, just graced the red carpet, marking her first dazzling appearance since 2021.

At the 2024 Critics Choice Awards, the 62-year-old icon pulled off a show-stopping moment in a jaw-dropping, form-fitting sequined halter dress. 

Staying true to her glam persona, the “You’ve Got Mail” actress flaunted her signature bob and rocked soft pink lipstick, making us all wonder if she discovered the fountain of youth during her hiatus.

In a delightful display for the cameras, Ryan threw up peace signs and struck poses that could rival a supermodel. It seems like the red carpet missed her as much as we did.

But this isn’t just a fashion show. Ryan is set to present at the ceremony, where the year’s biggest films and TV series take the spotlight.

The veteran actress, who has kept a low profile, recently graced the 46th annual Kennedy Center Honors, paying tribute to her “When Harry Met Sally” co-star, Billy Crystal.

Sunday’s red carpet affair marked a significant return for Ryan, her last official appearance dating back to 2021 at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures gala. It’s safe to say, she knows how to make an entrance after a hiatus.

Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan

In October, Ryan opened up to ET about her decision to step away from Hollywood for almost a decade.

Explaining why she doesn’t consider herself a great celebrity, she said, “I don’t think I was a very good famous person… I just always felt a little bit like outside of this small bubble, behind a membrane of sorts, life had ended.”

She vividly described the isolation of fame, comparing it to being encased in a bubble where the outside world fades away. For someone fueled by creativity, this confinement didn’t sit well with her. To break free, she made a bold move – leaving Los Angeles.

Acknowledging her charmed life, Ryan noted the smiles and happiness she receives from people who appreciate her movies. Yet, she felt the need to break out of the familiar and make a change. “I wanted to sort of just extend out of that, move out of L.A. Just change it up,” she shared.

Ryan’s Hollywood hiatus wasn’t about escaping the spotlight but about expanding her horizons. The red carpet comeback signifies not just a return to glitz and glam but a reclamation of her narrative. It’s not just about the dress and the poses; it’s about an artist finding her way back to the stage she loves.

As the flashing lights captured her radiant smile, it became evident – Meg Ryan isn’t just back on the red carpet; she’s back to remind us why she’s an icon, not just in romantic comedies but in the art of reinvention. Welcome back, Meg Hollywood missed your sparkle, and so did we!

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