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Jeff Wittek and Trisha Paytas, From Vlog Squad Feud to David Dobrik’s Dramatic Circus

In the latest episode of the ‘Just Trish’ podcast, YouTubers Jeff Wittek and Trisha Paytas sat down to air out their long-standing grievances, marking the end of their feud that was intricately woven into the Vlog Squad drama.

Jeff, known for his time with the Vlog Squad, initiated the reconciliation after catching Trisha’s positive remarks about him on Tana Mongeau’s Cancelled podcast.

The two influencers delved into the heart of their animosity, rooted in Jeff’s loyalty to Jason Nash during his Vlog Squad days.

Revisiting the tumultuous past, Jeff acknowledged the Vlog Squad’s tendency to label those “exiled” from their ranks as “batshit crazy,” fostering a culture of exclusion.

Trisha, having dated Jason Nash from 2017 to 2019, occasionally shed light on the darker aspects of the influencer collective, unraveling their dangerous stunts and manipulative dynamics.

Jeff admitted that Trisha “spoke the truth” about the insidious nature of the Vlog Squad, appreciating her public discussion of his eye injury, a turning point that made him reevaluate his involvement with the group.

Trisha had previously brought up the topic on Frenemies, exposing the aftermath of Jeff’s severe injury during a Vlog Squad stunt.

Jeff Wittek and Trisha Paytas
Jeff Wittek and Trisha Paytas (Image Via @OfficialTrishaPaytas/Facebook)

The infamous excavator prank, which resulted in Jeff suffering ligament tears, a broken foot, shattered skull, and a near loss of an eye, became a focal point of their conversation.

Initially, Jeff and David Dobrik appeared to be on good terms, but Trisha’s probing questions on Frenemies ignited a public discourse.

Jeff Wittek and Trisha Paytas Spill the Tea

Jeff’s revelation on the ‘Just Trish’ podcast emphasized how Trisha’s inquiries prompted him to take legal action against David Dobrik, dispelling the facade of camaraderie within the Vlog Squad.

Despite David eventually issuing a public apology, Jeff asserted that his injuries and the subsequent fallout from the accident compelled him to sever ties with the entire Vlog Squad.

In a surprising twist, Jeff and Trisha found common ground, realizing they were both victims of gaslighting orchestrated by David and the Vlog Squad.

Their newfound understanding marked the end of a tumultuous chapter, liberating them from the dramatic circus that was the Vlog Squad.

The ‘Just Trish’ podcast episode not only buried the hatchet between Jeff Wittek and Trisha Paytas but also unveiled the deeper layers of the dark underbelly of David Dobrik’s influencer empire.

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