Tate McRae’s Tour, All The Tricks To Get Your Tickets!

Pop sensation Tate McRae is about to embark on a 7-month world tour, proving that she’s not just thinking later but thinking globally.

The tour, spanning April to November 2024, will be a musical journey through Ireland, the UK, Europe, the USA, Australia, and finally, a Kiwi grand finale in New Zealand. If her tour is half as catchy as her hit “Greedy,” we’re in for a rhythmic rollercoaster.

Last year’s debut album, “I Used To Think I Could Fly,” catapulted McRae into the limelight, and now, with “Think Later” set for release on December 8, she’s ready to hit the road with a harmonious vengeance.

In an Instagram announcement, McRae shared, “Writing this whole thing was one of the most stressful, exciting, nerve-racking, and fun things I’ve ever gone through.”

For a 20-year-old artist, McRae has already danced her way onto the global stage, starting as a 12-year-old on “So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation” in 2016. Now, fans worldwide are itching to witness her musical and choreographic prowess live.

From heartfelt ballads to electrifying beats, McRae’s diverse repertoire promises a concert experience that transcends genres.

But getting your hands on those coveted tickets might be as tricky as mastering McRae’s dance moves. American Express members can snag pre-sale tickets starting Nov. 7 for the US, Nov. 8 for the UK, and Nov. 13 for Australia and New Zealand.

General sale kicks off on Nov. 10 for the US and UK, and Nov. 14 for the Southern Hemisphere. Pro tip: “Don’t be sad,” but be quick with those ticket purchases!

Adding to the excitement, McRae will be joined by special guests Presley Regier and charlieonnafriday. Imagine the harmonies, the choreography, and the sheer talent all on one stage. It’s a musical feast that’ll leave you both satiated and craving more.

Tate McRae
Tate McRae

Buckle up, music lovers! Tate McRae is set to embark on a whirlwind world tour that will kick off in Dublin on April 17, 2024, and reach its grand crescendo in Wellington on November 21, 2024.

Get ready to witness the enchanting songstress weave her musical magic across continents, leaving a trail of melodies that will linger in the air long after the final encore.

Here’s your backstage pass to Tate McRae’s world tour:

European Harmonies

The journey commences with a double-header in Dublin, Ireland, at the Olympia Theatre on April 17 and 18. From there, McRae will serenade audiences across the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, creating a symphony of international sounds.

A Melodic Pilgrimage Through Europe

With stops in Cologne, Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, and many more, McRae’s tour promises to be a musical pilgrimage through the heart of Europe. Fans in Zurich, Vienna, and Milan are in for a treat as the Canadian sensation showcases her chart-topping hits.

Spanish Serenades

Hola, España! McRae’s musical caravan arrives in Barcelona and Madrid, spreading the rhythm of her latest album, “Think Later.” The Spanish leg of the tour concludes in Lisbon, Portugal, leaving fans craving more.

A Transatlantic Hop

After conquering Europe, Tate McRae takes her musical prowess across the Atlantic to the USA, where she’ll kick off her North American tour with a hometown show in Calgary on July 5. The USA leg promises iconic venues like Madison Square Garden in New York City and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Southern Soiree

Down south, McRae will enchant fans in Austin, Houston, Nashville, and Atlanta, bringing her unique blend of pop and soul to the Southern states. The tour wraps up in the Big Apple, ensuring a grand finale at Madison Square Garden on August 22, 2024.

Down Under Delight

But the adventure doesn’t end there. Tate McRae sets her sights on Australia and New Zealand, captivating audiences in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Auckland, and finally, Wellington on November 21, 2024.

Global Fan Frenzy

From the lively streets of Dublin to the serene landscapes of Wellington, Tate McRae’s world tour promises to be a celebration of music, culture, and the unwavering bond between the artist and her fans. Each city on the tour map is a chapter in the story of McRae’s meteoric rise to stardom.

So, whether you’re in the heart of Europe, the bustling cities of North America, or the picturesque landscapes of Oceania, Tate McRae’s tour is your ticket to a global musical extravaganza.

Get ready to dance, sing, and lose yourself in the harmonious journey from Dublin to Wellington—the world is your stage, and Tate McRae is your guide.

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