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Is Felix leaving SKZ? Speculations and Rumors About His Departure 

Felix Yongbok Lee is a famous singer for the band Stray Kids. He started his career at a very young age and eventually found a place in the audience’s hearts.

The singer was born on September 15, 2000, and at a young age, he swiftly made a name for himself in the popular band and across the world.

In 2017, he was selected by Stray Kids’ leader Bang Chan as the sixth member of the boy band.

Making a Permanent Place in the Audience’s Heart and the Band

Felix joined JYP Entertainment, the creator of Stray Kids, in February 2017 as a trainee. He was broadcast on a survival show named Stray Kids.

During the broadcast, he was in the training period but soon became the fans’ favorite. Later in the season, the audience can find him getting eliminated by Park Jin-young and that was not at all acceptable to fans.

So, with popular demand and fans’ votes, Felix was brought back and since then, he has become a permanent member of the beloved boy band Stray Kids. 

Felix Made it to Louis Vuitton

Felix can be seen flaunting his Louis Vuitton accessories on Instagram and with that, it is apparent that he loves the brand.

But did he ever think he could be a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton? Well, that remains unknown but what is known to the world is that Felix is one of the new brand ambassadors for Louis Vuitton.

Is Felix leaving SKZ
Felix Yongbok Lee

This is a big achievement for Felix. He has acquired the position of brand ambassador along with BTS’s J-Hope, Zendaya, and many more popular actors and models. 

But how did Felix make it to Louis Vuitton?

Felix and his partnership with Louis Vuitton have culminated in an interesting meeting. Felix, who is a South Korea-based singer, could sometimes be seen in fashion shows.

One of these fashion shows changed his fate after Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, Nicolas Ghesquière, saw him and quickly consumed his vibes.

Ghesquière understood the worth of Felix and saw his talent, personality, and sense of style as unique yet particular. Impressed by Felix’s personality, Ghesquière didn’t waste a split second and welcomed Felix to the Louis Vuitton family.

Official Announcement 

When the official announcement was made with Felix’s photos, it created a spark and an energy that couldn’t be explained. Felix’s appearance was effortlessly eye-catching.

In the official announcement post, he wore an oversized leather biker jacket paired with a white T-shirt.

Felix’s charisma can be felt through the phone screens in that photo. In another photo, Felix reflected confidence with his other look.

In another photo, he can be seen wearing a dark denim jacket, flaunting his chic and casual look. With these dazzling photos, Louis Vuitton and Felix announced their partnership to the world. 

Is Felix leaving SKZ?

No, Felix is not leaving SKZ. Even though he is venturing out through new and solo projects, he remains a member of Stray Kids.

In 2023, on June 24, JYP Entertainment made an announcement about Felix not attending the group video call because of the demise of his grandmother.

This might create confusion about his departure but he remains an important member of Stray Kids.

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