Selena Gomez Accused By Sarah Bahbah For The Music Video “Love On”

Selena Gomez, a leading name in the industry, recently released her latest music video, “Love On,” which has over 8 million views.

The single video was released on 22nd Feb 2024, and Selena has been accused of plagiarism in a shocking turn of events. So, who is the accuser? And what exactly happened, let’s get to know more about it.

Selena Gomez’s Latest Music Video: Love On

For the past two years, Selena hasn’t been into music videos and recently released her single “Love On,” which belongs to the album of the same name.

The video features catchy phrases and positive vibes, along with confidence.

Since she has been a globally famous artist and singer, her latest video has gained quite a lot of chatter from across the globe. Love On has also been featured on various countries’ top music charts.

Plagiarism Accusation from Sarah Bahbah

A Palestinian-Jordanian-based artist, Sarah Bahbah, has openly accused Selena Gomez of plagiarism via leading social media platforms, including Twitter and TikTok.

She is an independent photographer and previously worked with leading brands, including GQ, Gucci, Sony Music, Conde Nast, and more.

Selena Gomez and Sarah Bahbah
Selena Gomez and Sarah Bahbah

Along with that, her artwork has also been presented in various galleries worldwide. Her other works include collaborations with popular artists such as Kygo, with whom Selena has also collaborated previously.

This is the Second Time

So, for those who don’t already know, this is not the first time when Sarah has accused Selena of Plagiarism. But it is the second time.

Earlier, Selena’s song “Back to You” has also been accused of Sarah’s style and was said to be copying visuals and subtitle-styles. Some users even went on saying that aesthetics were quite similar to Sarah’s.

Recently, Sarah Bahbah, through Cosmopolitan, revealed that it has been her signature work that has helped her throughout the industry and now, it has been plagiarized by Selena Gomez in her music video Love On.

Additionally, Sarah has also released a detailed video where she is detailing – side by side – her video alongside Selena’s music video and is seen analyzing the similarities between the two, at the extent.

Sarah also said that, such incidents have been happening since such a long time in the industry, especially to the women of color.

On the other hand, being a global pop star, Selena Gomez has gained the spot of being the most-followed woman, musician, actor, and American on Instagram with 429 million followers.

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