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Inside Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, Luxury, History, and Eccentricity

Nothing shows the former president Donald J. Trump’s love for luxury more than his Mar-a-Lago mansion.

The mansion, which is modeled after a Mediterranean home, is a representation of luxury from the outside, but within, gold leaf rules king.

The mansion is as colorful as the guy himself thanks to the unique combination of historical elements with Trumpian luxury.

The Ruined Design of the 16th Century 

In addition to buying land when he bought Mar-a-Lago, Trump also got the property’s historic furniture and antiques from its previous owner Marjorie Merriweather Post.

Flemish tapestries that had formerly decorated the living room and given it a 16th-century feel were among the gems.

Unfortunately, when Trump removed the thick curtains and let light flood the space, the complex designs of the tapestries vanished due to his dislike of shadows.

Post’s original decor and other parts of the property remain untouched even after being designated as a National Landmark. The living room is a witness to the conflict between conservation and taste, with its faded tapestries standing fixed in time.

Unread Haven by Trump – An Entire Selection of Uncommon First-edition Books

Lost away in the luxurious surroundings of Mar-a-Lago is a library that feels less like a reading corner and more like a marketing ploy.

The huge collection of first-edition books is still mostly unopened, according to information disclosed by Trump’s former staff.

When you take into account Trump’s well-documented dislike of reading, as Michael Wolff of “Fire and Fury” points out, this strange conflict becomes obvious.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Trump may have doubtful reading tastes, but the library’s continued existence may be explained as a tribute to the mansion’s past through historic preservation. Maybe it’s more of a decorative background for the occasional photo opportunity than the former president’s reading hideaway.

Millions of dollars in gold leaf – The Midas Touch

At Mar-a-Lago, gold is not just a finishing color—it’s nearly the central theme. During the 1990s renovations, Trump invested $7 million in gold leaf, transforming the ballroom into a glittering sight.

The chamber, which was not included in the original layout of the land, now pairs perfectly with the rich beauty of the main room.

The home has been decorated with the Midas Touch, which includes gold-plated doorways, walls, ceilings, and even living room columns.

Although the ordinary homeowner may be surprised by Trump’s preference for gold, at Mar-a-Lago it creates a visual melody that copies the majesty imagined by Marjorie Merriweather Post.

A Presidential Mansion – The Legacy of Mar-a-Lago under Trump

Mar-a-Lago is a live example of Trump’s unique sense of style, which combines uncontrolled luxury with historical preservation.

The mansion is a puzzle for the former president, from the faded power of the tapestries in the sitting room to the unopened books in the library.

Excess is the standard and gold leaf is the language of the Mar-a-Lago world. There’s no doubt that Trump’s Palm Beach retreat is anything but typical, no matter your perspective—whether you see it as an odd temple to luxury or as a historical masterpiece stuck in time.

Whether you like it or not, Mar-a-Lago will always be remembered as the place where eccentricity, gold leaf, and history meet.

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